How To Remove Frizzy Hair

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How To Remove Frizzy Hair
How To Remove Frizzy Hair

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If you dream of smooth and manageable hair, but your own hair tends to flicker at the slightest change in the weather, then it's time to learn a few very simple tricks, thanks to which the styling will hold for a long time, delight you and those around you.

How to remove frizzy hair
How to remove frizzy hair


Step 1

Let's start by washing. Most often, hair that simply lacks moisture is prone to excessive "fluffiness". Therefore, in the first place, you should choose the right shampoo and conditioner balm. They should contain a lot of moisturizing ingredients. So, I wash my head with shampoo, slightly diluted with warm water. Rinse thoroughly and apply conditioner (mainly on the ends and middle of the hair, otherwise they will become unnecessarily heavy and oily), and then rinse the hair thoroughly. Little secret - the water should be cool (or as much as the shine of the hair, closes their pores and scales, as a result they are smooth and much less fluff!

Step 2

You can add the juice of one half of a fresh lemon or a tablespoon of vinegar to the rinse water - this will also help give your hair a pleasant smoothness and remove unnecessary volume. The rinse water, again, should be cool enough.

Step 3

When it comes to styling, it can also make your hair much less fluffy and more manageable. It is better if you get a high-quality round-shaped brush-comb with which you will straighten your hair and remove excess volume. So, we apply a light styling cream on slightly damp hair, then we arm ourselves with a hairdryer and a comb, and begin to pull them strand by strand.

Step 4

After styling through your hair, you can once again "walk" with a very small amount of caring cream or gel. By the way, so that your hair does not frizz and retain its shape longer, you need to dry it as thoroughly as possible, only this will completely complete your styling.

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