How To Cut A Cascade

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How To Cut A Cascade
How To Cut A Cascade

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There are two techniques for performing the Cascade haircut. Which way the hairdresser will use during his work depends on the length of the client's hair. Haircut "Cascade" is done on long hair and hair of medium length.

Haircut "Cascade" looks beautiful on any hair
Haircut "Cascade" looks beautiful on any hair


Step 1

Be sure to wet your hair to keep it manageable when cutting. Then part your hair into zones and secure with bobby pins. If the hair is long, then you can simply divide it in half by drawing a line, as if you wanted to close up two ponytails. Select a strand in front and cut it to the desired length. With shorter hair, the lock should be highlighted in the crown area. The length of the control strand with short hair is usually 5-8 cm.

Step 2

For long hair, grab the next curl 1-1.5 cm wide near the control strand and, pulling the hair horizontally towards the face, equal it by one length. Medium length hair should be guided vertically when trimmed.

Step 3

For long hair, first shape the entire parietal area and then work the sides of the head. On shorter hair, the crown is processed first, and then the sides, temples and crown. Whichever area you are treating, pull the hair towards the control strand. Be guided only by the originally set length so that the haircut is symmetrical.

Step 4

You need to finish the haircut with an edging. To do this, comb your hair, taking into account the direction of its growth. Trim the ends for a tidy look. Comb through your hair again and see if there are any uncut strands left.

Step 5

The final touch of any haircut is the hair thinning with special scissors. Long hair can be cut to full length. Hair of medium length with thinning scissors is better to go through several levels at once. This stage will give the Cascade haircut a finished look, the hair will form beautifully and naturally.

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