How To Restore Hair After A Perm

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How To Restore Hair After A Perm
How To Restore Hair After A Perm

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Beauty requires sacrifice, and with perm, you are sacrificing hair health. As a result, perm destroys the hair's natural protective coat and structure. They fall out, become tough and naughty.

How to restore hair after a perm
How to restore hair after a perm

It is necessary

  • - pepper tincture;
  • - onion juice;
  • - Burr oil;
  • - egg yolk;
  • - cognac;
  • - mayonnaise;
  • - Red pepper.


Step 1

So, to restore hair after a perm, you need to follow these rules: Wash your hair no more than 3 times a week. Together with the dirt, the shampoo removes the fatty layer from the hair, which protects dry hair. After a perm, the protective coating of the hair and scalp disappears. Therefore, the hair becomes dry and dandruff appears. Choose your own shampoo for dry hair, or use baby shampoo. Do not wash your hair with hot water. The best temperature is 28-30 degrees. Massage your scalp while washing your hair.

Step 2

Trim the ends of your hair. Hair grows faster after cutting.

Step 3

Use nourishing masks and balms. So the hair will regain its former softness and obedience.

Step 4

Take vitamins by mouth. The most suitable in this case are trace elements: calcium (calcium D3 Nycomed) and magnesium (Magne B6). Also consume B vitamins (Vitatress, Neuromultivit, B-complex). All this will help to noticeably reduce the amount of hair loss.

Step 5

Use folk remedies to restore hair after a perm. To improve the nutrition of the hair roots and scalp, rub in pepper tincture (sold in any pharmacy) 2-3 times a week. To improve the condition of the hair, apply a mask of onion juice and burdock oil (in equal proportions) with the addition of yolk and cognac. This mask should be kept on the hair for about 30 minutes and then washed off.

Step 6

To soften the hair and strengthen its structure, use a mask of three egg yolks, a tablespoon of any mayonnaise, two tablespoons of burdock oil and a pinch of red pepper. All this is mixed and applied to the scalp. Close everything with a plastic bag. After half an hour, wash off with regular shampoo.

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