How To Bleach Hair At Home

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How To Bleach Hair At Home
How To Bleach Hair At Home

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Blonde hair has been popular for quite some time, and many women seek to change the color of their hair using all sorts of means. But before lightening your hair at home, you need to assess whether a new look is right for you. Wigs or special computer programs will help you to try on a light-colored hairstyle.

How to bleach hair at home
How to bleach hair at home

It is necessary

  • - decoction of field chamomile
  • - lemon juice
  • - kefir, lemon, cognac, egg


Step 1

There are many ways to bleach hair with your own hands, ranging from special brightening compositions produced in the cosmetic industry to folk remedies.If you naturally have blond hair, then you can give it a white tint with ordinary paint, choosing the color of the composition a couple of tones lighter.

Step 2

You can dye your hair blonde at home using special chemical compounds. These funds should be used with extreme caution. After all, the aggressive components that make up their composition can not only discolor the hair, but also burn it.

Step 3

But if you do not want to worsen the condition of your hair by bleaching them with chemical agents, then you can resort to using natural remedies. shampooing by rinsing hair with this floral remedy. After a short time, the hair will delight you with color, lighter than natural by 1-2 tones.

Step 4

Another plant that can help bleach hair at home is lemon. Use lemon juice for lightening in the summer, during solar activity. The recipe is unusually simple - before each exit from the house into the bright sun, apply a little fresh lemon juice to your hair. Thanks to the acid contained in lemon, the natural shade of the hair will fade in the sun much faster.

Step 5

A mask of kefir and lemon will also help to safely bleach hair. Mix in a bowl 1 spoon of shampoo, juice of half a lemon, 7 tablespoons of kefir, 2 tablespoons of brandy or vodka, one fresh egg. Apply the resulting composition to the hair, insulate and wait for the reaction. The longer you keep the mask, the lighter the hair becomes. You can leave the mask overnight. Then rinse the composition from the hair with water.

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