How To Style Oblique Bangs

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How To Style Oblique Bangs
How To Style Oblique Bangs

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Ah, bangs! This is the "squeak" of fashion, the forgotten past … But there are always loyal fans of the bangs who cannot imagine themselves without them. Let's talk about a more universal type of bangs - oblique bangs.

How to style oblique bangs
How to style oblique bangs

It is necessary

Scissors, styling polish, styling mousse or modeling gel, comb,


Step 1

Bangs are a very important part of your hairstyle. Correctly selected, it will hide the flaws of the face and emphasize its dignity. Beautifully styled bangs give the hairstyle an even more attractive look. Oblique hairstyle attributes have several varieties, suitable for a particular type of face: long, short, torn, geometric, etc. For example, long oblique bangs will suit the owners of oval and round faces. Thanks to her, the face will visually stretch, and the proportions of the face will be balanced. Short oblique bangs are suitable if you do not have large facial features, but a long one in this case can only aggravate the situation and further reduce the face visually. Geometric thick oblique bangs visually expand the face well. if you have a narrow oval face. In case you want to give freshness to the image, sexy and look younger, the ideal option is torn bangs (its length depends on the type of your face). The choice of the bangs is made, now you need to learn how to style it. Owners of straight, obedient hair will not be difficult. But if you have curly hair or coarse and heavy hair, problems can arise. Consider how to style bangs for all hair types.

Step 2

If you have long oblique bangs, you need to remember that it should not crumble into strands and climb into your eyes. Long bangs are smooth. It should shine. Styling it is as easy as shelling pears and smoothing it with a comb. If you need to style your bangs while drying your hair, the air jet should be directed from top to bottom.

Step 3

If you chose short or torn bangs, then you need to keep a slight carelessness in styling. For example, you can use a little hair mousse, then tousle your bangs with your fingers and blow dry. This hairstyle will add boldness to your look.

Step 4

It is important to remember that you do not need to use too much hairspray, mousse or hair gel, your hair will look sticky and messy. Also, you do not need to use gels if you are going to wear a hat.

For styling, it is best to use light modeling sprays, especially for oily hair.

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