How To Comb Out Tangles

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How To Comb Out Tangles
How To Comb Out Tangles

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A tangled hair on a person's head is called a mat. The ancient Slavs believed that a koltun is a living being, a demon living in a human body. Today, the koltun is a rather rare phenomenon. It can appear as a result of poor hair care, irregular washing and brushing of hair, eczema and lice in unclean or marginal people. In some cases, a mattress may appear in a child who cannot cope with combing thick long hair on his own, in the absence of the help of an adult. How can you comb out a tangle? There are several effective tricks.

How to comb out tangles
How to comb out tangles


Step 1

First of all, keep in mind that mats are often accompanied by lice. A tangled ball of hair, in addition to the abundant secretion of the head sebaceous glands and dirt, is fraught with these unpleasant insects. Take precautions not to get infected with them. The easiest way to get rid of the mats is to cut them off. But if it is desirable to keep the hair, then you can try to comb the mats.

Step 2

Before combing out the mats, be sure to treat your hair with a lice remedy available at the pharmacy. Especially thoroughly saturate the tangle with such a remedy. After that, rinse your hair thoroughly. To make it easier to comb out the mats, it can be moistened with water acidified with vinegar. Dry your hair and use a thick comb to carefully disassemble the mat along a hair. Most likely, you will have to spend quite a lot of time on this.

Step 3

People who lived in the old days believed that if a koltun settled in a person, then he would constantly crawl out, live in his hair and confuse them, tormenting his wearer. If you believe in the mystical essence of the tang, you can try to speak it. To do this, the koltun is called affectionate names and asked to leave. For the rest, in order to prevent the reappearance of the mat after combing it out, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist. The specialist will determine the cause of the mats and, if necessary, prescribe treatment.

Step 4

What should be done to avoid tangling? First, carefully monitor the health of your skin and your loved ones. Secondly, more often to check the child's head for lice - children are easily infected with them, especially in the children's team. If your daughter has lush long hair, then be sure to help her comb it, because a mug can form gradually from a small lump. To make your hair easier to comb, after washing, rinse it with conditioner or another product designed to make it easier to comb through.

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