How To Grow Hair In One Day

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How To Grow Hair In One Day
How To Grow Hair In One Day

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One of the fairly popular questions regarding appearance concerns the problem of how to grow hair in a day. There are many situations in which women want to shake a shock of hair. It could be a wedding or an important date. Such a miracle is possible only in one case, when artificial strands are attached to their own hair.

How to grow hair in one day
How to grow hair in one day

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Sometimes reviews about masks for beauty and health of hair are simply amazing. Ladies who have tried them write that in one month their hair has grown by almost 20 cm. Unfortunately, it is impossible to deceive nature. It is she who programmed hair growth, ranging from one to two centimeters per month. And the last figure is rather an exception. In some cases, hair does not grow back in a month or a centimeter.

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However, hair extensions look no less impressive, and it is they that allow you to radically transform in just one day. It is thanks to this method that movie and pop stars change their appearance. There are various technologies for hair extension, but they all start from the available length of natural hair. It should be at least 10 centimeters, otherwise the artificial strands will simply have nothing to attach to. Therefore, if you have a "hedgehog" hairstyle, you will not be able to lengthen your hair in this way either.

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If your own hair does not allow you to perform the extension procedure, or such a desire is absent in principle, then the simplest way out of the situation is overhead hairpieces and wigs. If you choose a wig made from natural hair and dyed in a natural color, then not everyone will be able to tell the difference. It should be noted that for bridal hairstyles, the method of lengthening hair using false brooches is especially popular even among those brides whose hair length is sufficient to experiment on its basis. Overhead curls allow you to give your hair not only length, but also volume.

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