How To Achieve Ashy Hair Color

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How To Achieve Ashy Hair Color
How To Achieve Ashy Hair Color

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Ash is one of the most harmful and demanding shades. But at the same time, he is the dream of many women, because it gives the image sophistication and cold tenderness. It is very difficult to dye your hair into an even, beautiful ash color. But there are some secrets on how to achieve the perfect color.

How to achieve ashy hair color
How to achieve ashy hair color

It is necessary

  • - paint;
  • - special hairdressing tools;
  • - paint for discoloration.


Step 1

This color is ideal for girls with a cold type of appearance. Make sure you are fair skinned with blue eyes before dyeing it ash. Also, the skin must be in perfect condition. After all, ashy strongly emphasizes all the imperfections on the face. Moreover, it even enhances these defects several times. Besides? it must be remembered that the ashy color can significantly age its owner. This will happen if a woman has expression lines.

Step 2

Hair care and hydration is the key to successful dyeing in an ashy color. After all, to get it, you need more than one procedure. And each of them significantly spoils the quality of the hair. And even if the color turns out to be even after several dyes, then without moisture, the hair looks dry and lifeless.

Step 3

To get an ashy shade on dark hair, you need to lighten it first. However, it is better to entrust such a procedure to professionals so as not to spoil your hair at the initial stage of turning into an ash-blond blonde. Dyeing red, light brown and dark hair ashy, very often they get a greenish and yellowish tint. Tint products - ash, purple or silver will help to cope with it. They will tone down this hue and help even out the color. The easiest way to become the owner of an ashy shade is a light blonde. You can achieve a noble shade by dyeing your hair without additional bleaching.

Step 4

Ash shade - a mysterious color, but very moody. In addition to the fact that when coloring it is difficult to achieve the required tone, it is also very whimsical to care for. Experts recommend: if you want to keep the color longer after staining - do lamination. Then the ashy shade will not fade for 3 weeks. In addition, it is necessary to use delicate shampoos for colored hair to preserve color. By following these recommendations, you can create the image of a mysterious woman, cold and gentle at the same time.

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