How To Remove Keratin Capsules

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How To Remove Keratin Capsules
How To Remove Keratin Capsules

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After extension, the hair looks especially impressive. However, sometimes situations may arise when it is urgently necessary to remove the strands extended according to Italian technology, that is, with the help of keratin capsules, but there is no way to get to the same master. There are several ways to get rid of unnecessary or already interfering beauty at home.

How to remove keratin capsules
How to remove keratin capsules


Step 1

Purchase a keratin capsule remover and special tweezers designed for the same purpose from a pharmacy or hairdressing store, which is available in any major shopping center. Before you buy a product, carefully read the instructions for its use and the type of hair for which it is intended. Do not skimp on your health and beauty by buying cheap drugs.

Step 2

Apply the product to your hair and massage it into your head for 10-15 seconds. Take a nourishing mask and apply it to your hair as well. Wait 20 minutes. During this time, fill the bath with hot water, and then climb into it and lie down for a while until the keratin capsules begin to soften. Take special tweezers and carefully remove each strand, gently pulling your hair out of the capsule.

Step 3

With the help of special tongs and a hair straightener, you can remove the keratin capsules even without a product and a hot bath. Apply burdock or olive oil to your hair. Take a mask for dry hair (sour cream with a high fat content can also be useful, since any fatty and oily substances are effective on keratin) and apply it to your hair. Then take a well-heated iron and gently attach to each capsule so that it does not melt or smear on the hair, but only melts a little. Use tweezers to remove the strands. Capsules that are thoroughly dried up and literally grabbed the hair tightly can be shattered with tweezers.

Step 4

The period after which it is necessary to remove hair extensions using Italian technology is 3-5 months. But even if half a year has passed, and the hair still looks "one hundred percent", it is better to remove it (on your own or in the salon), as this can lead to irreversible consequences for the "native" hair.

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