How To Highlight Dark Dyed Hair

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How To Highlight Dark Dyed Hair
How To Highlight Dark Dyed Hair

Video: How To Highlight Dark Dyed Hair

Video: How To Highlight Dark Dyed Hair
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Any hairstyle can be freshened up by just changing the color of a few strands. You can make highlights on dark dyed hair both in a beauty salon and at home. However, it is necessary to remember about some of the features of colored hair.

How to highlight dark dyed hair
How to highlight dark dyed hair

It is necessary

  • - cotton pads;
  • - hairpins;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - hair dye;
  • - hair remover;
  • - latex gloves;
  • - rubber cap.


Step 1

Get all the tools you need for highlighting. To avoid staining your clothes, change into an old robe or T-shirt. Decide which strands you want to recolor. Cut holes in the rubber cap, slide it over your head and carefully pull out the selected strands of hair.

Step 2

Use a paint remover to restore your hair to its natural color. The wash must be applied to the strands along the entire length and hold for the time indicated in the instructions, and then rinse off with warm water. You can stop at this stage if your natural color pairs well with dark dyed hair.

Step 3

Dry your hair and comb it thoroughly. Carefully read the instructions on the paint package. Unpack two tubes - color and fixer - and mix their contents. Wear rubber gloves.

Step 4

Separate the strands from which the paint has been washed off. Secure the rest of your hair with bobby pins so they don't get in your way. Apply the paint with cotton pads or a special applicator, which should be in the package. It is recommended to start the staining process from the back of the head, gradually moving towards the sides, crown and front of the head.

Step 5

Use a comb to separate the strands and color them from roots to ends. Treated strands can be gently pinned to avoid staining clothing or skin. Be very careful when applying dye to hair near your face, as contact of the dye with the skin can cause irritation and sometimes a strong allergic reaction.

Step 6

Wait 20 minutes. The waiting time can vary depending on how rich the color you want to get. Detailed information on the dyeing time can be found on the paint package.

Step 7

Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. It is necessary to remove non-absorbed coloring matter from the hair, because it continues to operate.