How To Grow Long, Thick Hair

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How To Grow Long, Thick Hair
How To Grow Long, Thick Hair

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Hair extension is a common procedure among modern girls and women. It allows you to become the owner of thick and long curls in a few hours. But this spoils the hair, in addition, the extended strands need frequent adjustments, which is very costly. With patience and good knowledge, you can grow naturally healthy, long and thick hair on your own.

How to grow long, thick hair
How to grow long, thick hair

It is necessary

  • Mustard mask:
  • - 1 egg yolk,
  • - 2 tbsp. mustard powder
  • - 2 tbsp. cosmetic oil,
  • - 1 tbsp. Sahara,
  • - 2 tbsp. hot water.
  • Honey water:
  • - 1 l. warm water
  • - 2 tbsp. honey.


Step 1

Eat the right amount of vitamins. Eat varied and balanced meals. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs and dairy products. Drink enough liquid a day (at least 1.5 liters). Getting enough moisture, vitamins and minerals from the inside, the hair will become thicker and healthier, will delight you with shine and silkiness. You can drink a course of special vitamins for beauty and health from time to time hair, nails and skin.

Step 2

Use commercially available hair products. In pharmacies, various balms and serums are sold to accelerate the growth and strengthen the hair structure. You need to apply them according to the instructions.

Step 3

Massage your head daily in the morning and evening. By regularly massaging the scalp with the pads of your fingers, you activate hair growth, as more oxygen begins to flow to the hair follicles. One of the most important massage procedures is combing the hair in different directions.

Step 4

Trim the ends at least once a month. It revitalizes the hair, makes it beautiful and healthy. In addition, dry ends often split, this does not contribute to growth, but only slows it down. By trimming the ends regularly, you will quickly grow long curls.

Step 5

Try homemade masks for hair growth and density. Long-haired beauties often use them in the care of their hair and note the excellent effect of their use. Some argue, based on their experience, that with regular use of folk remedies to accelerate hair growth, you can grow 2-3 cm per month.

Step 6

Mustard mask for hair growth and density.

Mix mustard, sugar, yolk and oil (olive, burdock, castor, almond, peach). Add hot water to the mixture and stir thoroughly. Apply a warm mask to the hair, rubbing it vigorously into the roots, but do not spread it over all the hair, as it dries them a lot. Hair lengthwise can be simply lubricated with any caring cosmetic oil. The mask should be covered with a towel and kept for an hour, after which rinse the hair with shampoo. With regular use of the mask, after 2 weeks the growth of new hair will be noticeable, which will make the hair thicker and more voluminous. After a month, it will be possible to assess the intensity of hair growth.

Step 7

Rinse hair with light beer to promote thicker, stronger hair. This should be done daily for a quicker effect. Beer contains B vitamins, which are beneficial for hair. The beer smell disappears quickly as the hair dries.

Step 8

Honey water for hair growth and density.

To accelerate hair growth and increase hair density, you can rub honey water into the roots 2-3 times a week before washing your hair. Stir honey thoroughly in warm water. Hair with a honey mask is covered with a towel and left for half an hour. Then they are washed as usual. The main thing in such a procedure is to thoroughly massage the hair roots in order to awaken the hair follicles and increase the access of oxygen to them.

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