How To Dye Your Hair Without Yellowness

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How To Dye Your Hair Without Yellowness
How To Dye Your Hair Without Yellowness

Video: How To Dye Your Hair Without Yellowness

Video: How To Dye Your Hair Without Yellowness
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Blondes have always been in fashion. Therefore, most of the fair sex is constantly trying to lighten their hair. But the result is not always successful - instead of the expected noble shade, an unpleasant yellowness may appear.

How to dye your hair without yellowness
How to dye your hair without yellowness


Step 1

In general, it is recommended to dye your hair in a beauty salon. An experienced master will select the right paint, tell you what shade it will turn out, whether it will suit you. If you dye at home, then consult with a specialist before dyeing, especially if the hair is damaged, there are split ends or perm. Wait a little while painting if there are small wounds or inflammations on the head. Be sure to contact a hairdresser if your hair has been dyed with henna or basma. In this case, the risk of yellowness, reddish tint or spots is very high.

Step 2

If you do decide to dye your hair at home, do not wash your hair 2-3 days before this procedure. Start applying the composition from the back of the head. Here, the clarification process is less intense. Therefore, by underexposing the paint, you run the risk of getting such an undesirable yellowness.

Step 3

Dilute the color just before use, then quickly apply to hair. It is also important that the paint is evenly distributed. After all, yellowness is the remnants of a pigment that has not completely oxidized. Therefore, thorough dyeing of all strands is the key to a beautiful hair color.

Step 4

No matter how trite it sounds, but read the instructions carefully before you start painting. Keep the dye on your hair for as long as it says.

Step 5

Remember that the brightening composition does not all lead to the desired result. Some hairs acquire the desired shade if they are dyed with a composition that simultaneously brightens and gives a shade of blond.

Step 6

If, after dyeing, a slight yellowness is still present on your hair, rinse your hair with a tinted shampoo. Pearl, platinum, silver shades are well suited for this purpose. They must be kept on the hair for no more than 2-3 minutes. Otherwise, you risk getting purple or gray. Tint shampoos can be used every week, because after 2-3 washes, yellowness can reappear.