How To Curl Your Hair For A Long Time

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How To Curl Your Hair For A Long Time
How To Curl Your Hair For A Long Time

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The art of hairdressing is developing day by day. Today, owners of straight hair who want to become curly for a long time do not have to expose their hair to the aggressive effects of perm. Carving (long-term styling) or biowaving are gentle methods of perm, which not only make your hair wavy or curly for a long time, but also give it additional volume, elasticity and splendor.

How to curl your hair for a long time
How to curl your hair for a long time


Step 1

Prepare your hair for carving or biowaving. To make them look luxurious, shiny and healthy after that, you must first trim dry and split ends. So the curls will be formed correctly and beautifully during the procedure.

Step 2

Assess the overall health of your hair. If they are badly damaged, it may be worth spending a few weeks repairing them with nourishing masks. If you want to update your hairstyle as quickly as possible, the master can carry out express procedures to restore the hair structure before the carving or biowaving procedure. Also, the hairdresser will select the composition for curling, protective products and curlers that are suitable for your hair type.

Step 3

Contact a good beauty salon, it is better to a trusted specialist who will make you a curly beauty in about an hour and a half. The essence of the carving procedure is that the hair is twisted on curlers of the size that you choose. The larger and softer you want to get curls, the larger the diameter of the curlers should be. The hairdresser applies a special composition to the curled hair, which is kept for a certain time, after which it is washed off.

Step 4

Remember that the effect of curly or wavy hair will last until you wash your hair. After washing, the hair will need to be styled again, but this will be much easier. Simply apply a modeling gel for curls and dry them with a diffuser; there are a lot of easy and quick styling options after carving. On wavy hair, you can easily make cool curls or give them natural volume by applying a little foam and letting the curls dry naturally.

Step 5

Take care of your hair after carving in the same way as before. Do not be lazy to do nourishing masks once a week that will keep them healthy and shiny. Trim the ends once a month to keep your hair looking flawless and your curls to hold their shape better.

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