How To Remove Dreadlocks

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How To Remove Dreadlocks
How To Remove Dreadlocks

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Dreadlocks are worn not only by reggae lovers or representatives of various subcultures, but also by those who like to experiment with their appearance and hair. The "lifespan" of dreadlocks with proper care is from 3 to 6 months. But sooner or later they have to be removed.

How to remove dreadlocks
How to remove dreadlocks

It is necessary

crochet hook, comb, hot water, hair conditioner, firming masks and shampoos


Step 1

One of the most painless and at the same time radical ways to get rid of dreadlocks is shaving. In this case, it is not necessary to make a haircut "to zero". If the hair has grown considerably, then the dreadlocks can be removed so that at least 3-5 cm of hair remains. However, short haircuts do not scare those who are accustomed to experiments and prefer bandanas or other headdresses. A haircut one way or another will be much more useful: firstly, after it the hair grows noticeably faster and thicker, and secondly, new hair does not have to be restored.

Step 2

Take the money to take off your dreadlocks in a special salon. Craftsmen will try to do it with the least loss of beauty. But be prepared for the procedure to take away about a third of dead hair to the sink. In addition, combing out is painful (but bearable) and takes several hours depending on the number of dreadlocks and their thickness. The advantages of salon removal are that the head is treated with special detergents and strengthening agents for damaged hair.

Step 3

If you've made the courageous decision to remove your dreadlocks yourself in your own bathroom, be patient, with a crochet hook and a comb. The painful sensations may not be as acute as if someone else was doing it. But in this case, the unweaving process will be noticeably prolonged and may take several days. Start unweaving the dreadlock from the tip. If it is not wrapped, that is, not woven into the dreadlocks, then it will be easier to pull it out. Crochet small strands by strand and bring out. It hurts and the hair loss will be significantly greater than dreadlocks in the salon.

Step 4

To make it easier, soak the dreadlocks in warm water and start unweaving them one by one using conditioners and hair shampoo. Do not pull out tufts of hair forcibly; act slowly but gently. After completing this painstaking procedure, use masks, balms and vitamins that will help restore damaged hair.

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