How To Get Rid Of Split Ends

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How To Get Rid Of Split Ends
How To Get Rid Of Split Ends

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Many women dream of long, healthy hair. However, the longer the hair, the more it splits. How should you care for your hair so that it always looks healthy and beautiful?

How to get rid of split ends
How to get rid of split ends


Step 1

First of all, split ends need to be cut. This is best done with hot scissors. You can carry out this procedure yourself at home. Twist your hair into a tourniquet. Swipe your hand in the opposite direction of hair growth. Cutting ends will be knocked out of the bundle. Use hot scissors to trim them. Perform this procedure once a month.

Step 2

The procedure for lubricating the hair with special oils every two weeks can help to reduce the number of split ends. Olive, burdock or almond is best. It needs to be rubbed into the scalp, as well as into the hair along its entire length. Wrap your head in plastic, tie a scarf. Keep it all for about half an hour. Then wash your hair in warm water with regular shampoo. Finish the entire procedure with a balm rinse. Remember that even the most expensive shampoos strip the scalp's natural fat layer and dry out the hair structure. Therefore, the cosmetic oils that you will apply to your hair will contribute to enhanced protection against the aggressive effects of shampoos, preventing the appearance of split ends in the future.

Step 3

Follow these guidelines for hair care. When blow-drying your hair, use a cool air stream. It will not dry out and burn your head. After washing, do not towel dry your hair, just blot it lightly with a cotton cloth. Never comb wet hair. Purchase care and styling products that do not contain alcohols. Do not overheat your hair in the sun. Wear a panama hat while tanning. In winter, be sure to hide them under your hat and clothing.

Step 4

Massage your scalp regularly. This will speed up not only hair growth, but also their general condition. Do it in light circular motions until you feel warm.

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