How To Lighten Hair Roots

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How To Lighten Hair Roots
How To Lighten Hair Roots

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With regular lightening of hair, you do not need to expose the ends to prolonged exposure to the drug. It is enough just to tint the overgrown roots. You can do this yourself at home.

How to lighten hair roots
How to lighten hair roots


Step 1

Purchase paint, preferably professional. It bleaches curls better, and also has a less traumatic effect on the structure and hair follicles. If you are unable to find the necessary medication yourself, seek the advice of an experienced hairdresser. By the way, you can lighten the roots in a beauty salon, which is much preferable.

Step 2

If using regular paint, squeeze half of the product from each tube into a porcelain or glass container and mix thoroughly. You need to use it right away. If you have purchased a professional clarifier, check the required proportions in the instructions for use.

Step 3

Put on your gloves and start bleaching the roots. Start applying the mixture from the back of the head, being careful not to get on previously colored hair. For the convenience of applying the composition, use a special wide brush, and not a toothbrush or applicator bottle. If you yourself cannot carry out such a procedure, ask someone close to you to help you.

Step 4

Time it takes to paint. 5-10 minutes before you need to rinse off the dye, distribute it over the entire length to freshen the color of the ends of the hair. Remember to apply a nourishing balm that softens the bleached curls and nourishes them along the entire length.

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