How To Get A Messy Hairstyle

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How To Get A Messy Hairstyle
How To Get A Messy Hairstyle

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Tousled hairstyles do not go out of fashion for a long time. They add lightness and elegance to the image, make it stylish. In addition, this styling can be done on both short and long hair, which increases the army of her admirers.

How to get a messy hairstyle
How to get a messy hairstyle


Step 1

To get a messy hairstyle on short hair, you will need a styling gel and a nail polish to set it in. Wash your hair and dry the strands with a brush to create volume. To do this, lift them at the roots and sprinkle a little with varnish. Take a drop of gel on your finger and arrange individual strands so that you get a beautiful relief. Or simply apply the gel to your palm and lift your hair upward by squeezing and unclenching your fingers. Secure the resulting styling with varnish.

Step 2

Use a curling iron for a tousled hairstyle for medium-length hair. After washing your hair, dry it with a hair dryer so that it remains slightly damp. Choose strands from the temporal, occipital, frontal parts and wind them on a curling iron. Curls should not be too tight, do loose waves. Leave the rest of the curls straight, combing at the roots. Secure the styling with varnish.

Step 3

For long hair, there are two tousled hairstyles. The first is done on straight curls. Blow dry clean hair with your head tilted down. Sprinkle with varnish immediately. Straighten up. Pin the strands in the temporal and frontal areas so that they do not get in the way. Comb to add volume, starting in the back of the head. Then again, tilt your head down and run over the curls as if you were washing your hair. Secure the styling with varnish.

Step 4

The second option for a tousled hairstyle for long hair will suit the owners of curls. The more curls there are, the better. Comb the curls in the same way as in the first case. Then collect them in a large bun at the back of your head. Use the long end of the comb or knitting needle to pull the strands out until you give the styling the desired look. Spray your creation with varnish.

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