How To Get Rid Of Hair Dye

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How To Get Rid Of Hair Dye
How To Get Rid Of Hair Dye

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Women always strive for beauty. Wanting to be even more irresistible, they often experiment with looks, especially hair. A change in hair color is also a subconscious desire to add brightness and positiveness to your life. But the shade after staining does not always turn out as planned. This is especially true when the image changes radically. What to do in such a situation?

Bad hair color is a real nightmare for a woman
Bad hair color is a real nightmare for a woman


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How to get rid of hair dye and fix the shade after a failed experiment? It all depends on what exactly does not suit you. If you unsuccessfully discolored and got red or yellow hair as a result, then there is only one way out - to paint them with soft ammonia-free paint. The color of the dye for bleached hair should be chosen one tone lighter than the desired shade, as it can turn out to be more saturated. Bleached hair is empty on the inside, its scales are open, so do not be surprised that the dye will wash out quickly. After 2 weeks, re-staining should be carried out so that the color pigments are firmly fixed inside the hair and do not wash out. The lightened hair should be dyed from the back of the head, then the roots should be dyed, and at the end the mixture should be applied to the ends, since they lend themselves to dyeing faster.

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If you unsuccessfully dyed a dark color, then you can get rid of the paint with the help of natural masks that muffle the color. These include kefir and oil. Masks are done several times a week, preferably at night. Oil (burdock, almond, linseed) or kefir is applied over the entire surface of the hair. After that, the head should be wrapped in plastic wrap and insulated with a terry towel. Natural masks strengthen your hair and gradually draw out the dark color, returning your hair to its natural shade.If your hair is not too dry with chemical dyes, try washing your hair with laundry soap, but do not keep it on your hair, as it also dries it out. The soap will also wash away the paint.

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If you can't wait, you can be advised to do the procedure for removing dye from your hair. A wash is the removal of artificial color pigments from the hair structure using a special composition. Washes are sold in specialized stores. Here are the most popular ones: Color off Estel, Colorianne Color System Brelil, Remake Color Hair Light, Remover Dikson, Oxy Reload Selective. until the hair is lightened enough that it can be dyed in the shade you need. The wash does not discolor the hair, it does not contain hydrogen peroxide, so it will not make your hair lighter than its natural shade, unless of course you have previously discolored. The wash spoils your hair, after this procedure it can become thinner and dull. But if after it you paint with soft ammonia-free paint, then the shine and strength of your curls are ensured.After the procedure for washing the color, you need to intensively care for your hair so that all unsuccessful experiments do not deprive you of a chic, healthy and shiny hair.

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