How To Make A Mohawk

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How To Make A Mohawk
How To Make A Mohawk

Video: How To Make A Mohawk

Video: How To Make A Mohawk
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Quite popular in punk culture, the Mohawk hairstyle was borrowed from one tribal group of Indians. It consists of hair piled up in the middle of the head, often dyed in different acid colors.

How to make a mohawk
How to make a mohawk

It is necessary

  • - hair shaving machine;
  • - hairdryer
  • - hair gel;
  • - hair spray;
  • - hairbrush.


Step 1

The mohawk is of several types. Classic - when the hair on the sides of the head is shaved, and a strip of 2 to 4 cm wide is left in the middle. The studded mohawk resembles a classic one, only laid with stakes. And finally, gothic - when the hair is shaved only at the temples.

Step 2

To make a mohawk for a short time, for example, to express your personality at a party, it is not at all necessary to shave your head. Wash your hair, apply gel on it, tilt your head forward and blow-dry against hair growth, shaping the hair with your hands. It is better to do this at a low power of the hair dryer. After the hair is dry, spray it with a strong hold hairspray. Note that it is best to do a mohawk on short hair.

Step 3

To create a classic mohawk, separate an even section of hair in the middle of your head, secure with hairpins or rubber bands and shave off the remaining hair on the sides. Comb the remaining strand with a fine comb from roots to ends, starting from the forehead. After such a comb, the hair should already "stand". Comb the mohawk with light movements so that there are no gaps. Then fill it with varnish very well and dry it with a hairdryer.

Step 4

Craft a Studded Mohawk. Separate a small section of hair and, holding it by the ends, spray with varnish. It should take the shape of a thorn. Make these spikes all over the mohawk. If your hair is too unruly, you can first form a thorn with a gel, blow dry it, and then fix it with varnish.

Step 5

Color a mohawk. If you have dark hair, first bleach your hair with hydrogen peroxide to get a bright and rich color. And then apply paint to them. Improvised means are perfect: blue, brilliant green and iodine. But it's best to use a tonic. The mohawk painted with stripes will especially attract attention. To do this, divide it into equal strands and paint them in the selected color after one.