How To Remove Red Hair From Hair

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How To Remove Red Hair From Hair
How To Remove Red Hair From Hair

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Brunettes and brown-haired women who want to radically change their image have unpleasant surprises - instead of the desired blond, their hair acquires an uneven shade with red roots and strands. The best way to get red hair off your hair is to go to a good hairdresser. You can correct the situation with some home methods.

How to remove red hair from hair
How to remove red hair from hair

It is necessary

  • Dark hair dye
  • Tinted shampoo to neutralize red hair
  • Hair masks (a few lemons and rye bread)
  • Visit to a beauty salon
  • Hair wash professional or homemade (beer; castor and olive oil; kefir)
  • Laundry soap
  • Conditioners for colored hair
  • Boiled water
  • Sea salt
  • Ammonia


Step 1

Dye it in a dark color - for example, chestnut or black paint. This is the most dramatic way to get rid of red hair. However, it will not suit those women who, by all means, want to become blondes.

Step 2

Use tinted shampoos and conditioners. Today, there are special products for dyed blondes on sale that neutralize the effect of red hair. Most often, it is recommended to use shampoos with a purple, blue, silver, ash tint; pearl and beige give a good effect. We recommend that you apply the product to your hair for no more than five minutes to begin with, and rinse off immediately. If necessary, repeat the procedure, increasing the exposure time of the shampoo to 10, then to 15 minutes. These tinting agents give only a short-term effect.

Step 3

Make hair masks. To remove the redhead, they usually mix the juice of two to four lemons and moisten the hair with it. After 2 hours, rinse them thoroughly with clean warm water. In some cases, a mask of rye crumb diluted with water into a gruel helps a lot. Apply this mixture to your head and keep it on for at least an hour. By the way, black bread masks with regular use can make thin hair thicker.

Step 4

Visit a professional beauty salon. When the effect of red hair appears, you just need to consult with an experienced colorist. The choice of shade and method to add beauty to your hair depends on many nuances - your natural color, previous dyeing, the brand of dye used, and more.

Step 5

Use a hair remover or pickle. Usually, the master prescribes this procedure for women with dyed and then unsuccessfully lightened hair. If you choose a reputable salon and use a professional product, then pickling will harm your hair no more than secondary lightening and repainting at home. An individually selected wash “draws out” the dye absorbed into the hair structure. Sometimes several of these procedures are required to achieve the desired effect.

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