How To Restore Natural Color

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How To Restore Natural Color
How To Restore Natural Color

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A rare woman today can boast of a beautiful natural hair color. Most of them regularly dye their hair and no longer remember exactly which shade is native to their hair. It is precisely such a widespread use of dyeing that gave women invaluable experience and understanding - no more advanced dyeing system can offer a better color than natural. Therefore, sooner or later, every woman has to think about how to return the natural color without resorting to the help of salon specialists.

How to restore natural color
How to restore natural color

It is necessary

  • - tinting paint of your "native" shade
  • - special wash (for blondes)


Step 1

Prepare for the fact that it will take you a long time to return your hair to its natural color.

In any case, you will need special tools. For a start, brunettes will have to buy a tinting paint that is as close to their native shade as possible. It is much more difficult for blondes to return their natural color, but there is an option for them - buy a special wash plus a tinting paint of your own shade.

Step 2

Blondes will need to pre-wash with a special tool. Then (brunettes and blondes) dye your hair with a tinting paint of your own shade along the entire length.

Step 3

Now let the hair grow out, gradually cutting off the colored ends until the hair is completely restored to its natural color along its entire length.

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