How To Choose A Haircut For Your Face

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How To Choose A Haircut For Your Face
How To Choose A Haircut For Your Face

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Which haircut would suit you best? After all, it's not a secret for anyone that with the help of a well and correctly chosen haircut, you can both emphasize the individual beauty of your face, and correct the flaws. There are a great many haircuts, and what should you pay attention to before going to the hairdresser?

How to choose a haircut for your face
How to choose a haircut for your face


Step 1

First of all, you should decide on your face shape. Tuck your hair back and judge the proportions impartially. Owners of long and narrow faces, with a small chin and a high forehead, should abandon the idea of ​​growing long hair. However, too short to wear is also not worth it - the ideal hairstyle for such a fragile face is a slightly elongated bob. Its length should end somewhere in the middle of the neck. It is better to cut such a bob in layers - it will look more luxuriant, which will balance the small and thin face. The bangs perfectly corrects elongated faces, and they look great as even thick bangs, as well as asymmetric and gradient ones. Owners of thin faces should not wear straight partings (this is in case you decide not to do bangs, it is better to pull your hair to one side.

Step 2

Graduated bangs and medium length hair are perfect for chubby ladies. Graduated and short enough are also great options. Hair with a "ladder" will slightly distract attention from the face. Smooth and long enough hair, parted or tied to one side, is perfect. You can make an oblique bang - then the proportions of the face will become much narrower.

Step 3

If you have a rather massive lower face, then try to balance it with bangs - it should be about the length of your eyebrows, preferably thick and dense enough. A smooth semicircle shape is acceptable - on the sides the bangs may be slightly longer than in the middle.

Step 4

This shape (soft semicircle) of the bangs also suits those whose face resembles a triangle or heart, although the length of the hair should be slightly shorter. The ideal hairstyle is a fluffy bob or bob, the ends of which are best laid inward. For greater splendor, hair should be cut in layers, then they will perfectly smooth out sharp facial features.

Step 5

Lucky for those whose face is oval by nature - they can choose almost any haircut, experiment with the length of the hair and the shape of the bangs. Such girls go with lush bob, and long smooth hair, and very short haircuts, which are unlikely to suit the owners of any of the above face shapes.

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