How To Wean Your Hair From Daily Washing

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How To Wean Your Hair From Daily Washing
How To Wean Your Hair From Daily Washing

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With daily washing of hair, the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively. Curls look dirty by the evening, for this reason they have to be washed again. It takes a lot of effort to get rid of this bad habit.

How to wean your hair from daily washing
How to wean your hair from daily washing


Step 1

If you wash your hair with shampoo and then use a conditioner, then this may be the reason for the daily hair contamination. Try not to use the balm for a while, because it contains substances that make the curls heavier. If that doesn't work, then change your shampoo as well. For example, if yours was for dry or normal, buy for oily or mixed hair.

Step 2

Rinse your hair after washing with a mild vinegar solution, preferably apple cider. Or squeeze the juice from half a lemon, dilute it with 200 ml of water and rinse the curls. Perform the procedure after each wash until the problem is resolved.

Step 3

Mix a teaspoon of mustard powder with shampoo. Wash your hair with this mixture. Mustard dries the skin slightly and helps to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands. After washing, do not use balm, and if you have very dry ends, then apply a little hair cream on them, but avoid getting it on the roots.

Step 4

Blow dry your hair. The hot air stream will dry the curls, which will help to avoid daily washing. But do not overdo it, otherwise you will damage the curls.

Step 5

Never wash your hair with hot water, because from this, sebum begins to stand out even faster, which leads to a vicious circle - daily hair washing.

Step 6

If you color your hair but haven't tinted your roots for a long time, it is possible that this is causing your daily scalp pollution. The structure of undyed hair is slightly different, so try dyeing the roots. After which the hair will become drier and less greasy.

Step 7

When you can't solve the issue of daily washing, just accept it, because you will not go around with a dirty head anyway. Therefore, it makes no sense to invent a way to avoid washing, especially if you have an oily hair type.

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