How To Remove Black Hair Color

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How To Remove Black Hair Color
How To Remove Black Hair Color

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Raven hair looks very impressive. To understand this, it is enough to recall the Spanish women or gypsies, who have attracted men throughout the ages. It's no wonder that girls willingly paint black. Some of them then regret their choice, want to dye their hair a few tones lighter. But for this they need to get rid of blackness first.

How to remove black hair color
How to remove black hair color

It is necessary

  • - remover;
  • - caring balms;
  • - hair dye.


Step 1

Before you start the lightening procedure, consider whether you need it. Bleaching always negatively affects the condition of the hair: it becomes dry, brittle and loses its shine. If you have a short haircut, does it make sense to make such sacrifices? It is better to wait until the hair grows back, and then dye it as you please. Believe me, this is the most acceptable option for you.

Step 2

In the event that you are the owner of long hair, it is useless to wait. Visit a beauty salon or bleach yourself. Visit a specialty store and buy a hair remover. Keep in mind that there are three types of brighteners: bleach, natural, and acidic. The most effective and, accordingly, dangerous are decolouring removers. By the way, the brand of the product is also important. Buy products from well-known manufacturers, do not chase after cheapness: remember, who is stingy - pays twice.

Step 3

When you are ready to start the procedure, carefully read the instructions that came with the wash. Follow her instructions carefully, do not hope that you will do without them, because even the products produced by the same company may be different. If the desired result is not achieved the first time, use the wash again.

Step 4

When not a trace remains of black, do not rush to rejoice. You will be happy later, but first, develop a care plan for your hair. Do not take these words literally: do not make a list of specific actions, but just get a high-quality shampoo for colored hair and balm, do not be lazy sometimes to make special nourishing masks and rinse your hair with a decoction of medicinal herbs. When the hair is restored a little, dye it in any color you like. And yet, make sure that your diet is balanced, because proper nutrition is the key to healthy hair.

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