How To Thicken Your Hair

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How To Thicken Your Hair
How To Thicken Your Hair

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Beautiful thick hair has always been a decoration of a woman. However, not everyone can boast of the lush hair that nature has endowed her with. Hair is daily exposed to negative environmental factors, it suffers from poor ecology. Permanent perms, hot styling and curlers make the hair lifeless, dull.

How to thicken your hair
How to thicken your hair


Step 1

To restore fine hair, you can seek advice from a beauty salon, where you will be advised to purchase various stimulating and strengthening medicines containing beneficial trace elements and proteins.

Check with an experienced hairdresser. A good specialist can easily find the right shampoo for you to increase the density of your hair and styling products, as well as make a hairstyle that visually adds volume to your hair.

Step 2

When choosing a shampoo, preference should be given to transparent and liquid products containing the least amount of dyes. Silk protein products are an exception. Do not buy cosmetic products for mixed hair types.

To increase hair density, it is recommended to add liquid vitamin B6 to the shampoo at the rate of 5 ampoules of the drug per 250 ml of the product.

Step 3

Artificial hair extension has become a very popular and very effective way of increasing hair volume today. The attached strands can be styled, colored and styled just like your own hair. The following extension technologies are considered the safest here: Spanish, Italian, English, as well as with the use of metal-ceramic clips.

Step 4

In the fight against thin hair and dull hair, folk recipes also achieve good results. A mixture of olive oil and lemon juice is widely used and effective. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions and apply the composition over the entire length of the hair. Leave the product on for 6-10 hours.

Step 5

The following mask will also help to make the hair thicker. Take equal amounts of brandy, salt and honey and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Rub the mixture into the roots of your hair and let sit for 2 hours.

Step 6

Prepare a mask of kefir, egg yolk and cocoa. Apply the resulting mass to clean hair for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water without shampoo.

Step 7

To strengthen the hair, it is useful to use warmed burdock oil, which must be rubbed into the hair roots, as well as rinsing them with infusions of nettle leaves, calamus root and birch.

Step 8

Pay attention to your diet. The body must receive the necessary amount of proteins, vitamins (B, C, P, E) and amino acids for the life of hair. The lack of such funds can negatively affect the proper development of hair follicles and follicles.

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