How To Improve Hair Structure

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How To Improve Hair Structure
How To Improve Hair Structure

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Hair can be naturally beautiful, healthy and shiny, or you can try doing it yourself. To do this, you need to follow some recommendations that will help strengthen the hair and improve its structure.

How to improve hair structure
How to improve hair structure


Step 1

It happens that it is difficult to find a free minute, but you should not save the time it takes to comb your hair twice a day. Try to brush through your hair at least 100 times. At the same time, change the direction of movement: they can be circular or zigzag. For combing hair, it is advisable to use combs or combs made of natural wood, horn or stone, as well as brushes with natural bristles.

Step 2

Regular haircuts can help improve hair structure and growth. Try to trim the ends of your hair every month, as a last resort once every 3 months. At first, the hair will simply appear more voluminous, and over time, its health will improve. If the hair structure is severely damaged by lightening, dyeing or perming, then the haircut can be done with hot scissors.

Step 3

Start taking vitamins. The selected complex should be based on beta-carotene, amino acids, silicon, sulfur, iron, zinc, vitamin C and folic acid. Do not lose sight of the fact that vitamin therapy courses for hair are not like all the others. An improvement in the structure of damaged curls becomes noticeable only after a 3-month intake of vitamins and minerals. The course of admission itself should be 4 months, after which a monthly break should be taken.

Step 4

In order not to aggravate the condition of the hair, give up diets, since when they are observed, the body does not receive enough nutrients and vitamins necessary for the health of hair. Give preference to a balanced and proper diet instead of a diet. Your diet must include sea fish, poultry, veal, eggs, cheese, spinach, dairy products, etc.

Step 5

It is equally important for improving the structure of the hair and proper care for them, which should include the regular use of shampoos, balms and nourishing masks. For rinsing hair after washing, it is useful to use various herbal infusions and decoctions. Nettle, burdock root, horsetail, hops, and calamus are best suited to improve hair structure.

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