How To Apply Styling Wax To Your Hair

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How To Apply Styling Wax To Your Hair
How To Apply Styling Wax To Your Hair

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Styling wax is indispensable for extravagant hairstyles or creating the effect of perfect hair smoothness. However, many girls who have tried this remedy are disappointed - the wax sticks together the hair, makes the hairstyle heavier, and it is hardly washed off. How to be? Apply hair wax correctly.

How to apply styling wax to your hair
How to apply styling wax to your hair

It is necessary

  • - hard wax;
  • - spray wax;
  • - hairdryer;
  • - round brush;
  • - thin comb;
  • - curlers.


Step 1

On sale there is a hard wax, packaged in cans and a liquid product in a spray. Hard wax is indispensable for sculpting curls, fixing bangs and individual strands that shape the hairstyle, as well as for creating the effect of perfectly smooth heavy hair.

The liquid spray wax will help shape very tough, dry and unruly hair. It gently fixes the hairstyle, helps to make the curls "lively" and shiny and gives them a healthy look.

Step 2

Tidy up your hair before processing. Wash them and dry thoroughly with a hairdryer. Take some of the product from the jar and rub it in your palms, warming slightly. This will make the wax smoother. Apply it to the selected strands evenly, distributing it along the entire length.

Step 3

Further actions depend on the general idea of ​​the hairstyle. If you want to get a shock of curls, treat a narrow strand with wax and wind it on curlers of the selected diameter. After curling all your hair, blow dry it. Remove the curlers and run the curls between your fingers. Get bouncy curls or cool waves.

Step 4

Wax is also irreplaceable when creating sculptural hairstyles. If you need to create a steep wave, apply wax to the strand by running your palms along it, lift the curl with a fine comb, fix it in the chosen position and dry it with a hairdryer, keeping the device not too close to the hair. The wave can be additionally treated with wax in a spray or hairspray.

Step 5

Do you want to style your short haircut with feathers? Take some wax, rub it in your hands and apply it all over your hair. Don't use too much product, or your hair will look greasy. You can smooth your hair with a comb or, conversely, lift it with your fingers, slightly tousling. Rub a drop of the product between the index and thumb of your right hand and form "feathers" on the bangs and temples, pulling the strands with your fingers. Blow dry your hair.

Step 6

The wax will also help when working with long hair. Spray wax onto clean, dry hair over the entire length, avoiding the roots. Wind the strands with a larger round brush and blow them with a hair dryer set to the lowest temperature. You get shiny soft waves.

Step 7

Before weaving braids, the hair can also be treated with wax - this way small hairs will not be knocked out of the hairstyle, and the braids themselves will look smoother and more shiny. Any type of product is suitable for braids. After styling, the hairstyle can be additionally fixed with a spray wax.

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