How To Dye Your Hair Extensions

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How To Dye Your Hair Extensions
How To Dye Your Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions can work wonders: a woman immediately becomes younger and more confident, her hair is fuller and more beautiful. But women are strange creatures, as soon as they have grown their hair, let's dye it right away. Naturally, painting is not a problem, you just need to do it right.

How to dye your hair extensions
How to dye your hair extensions

It is necessary

  • - hair dye;
  • - brush for coloring.


Step 1

Determination of the quality of hair extensions. This point cannot be neglected. After all, if you have artificial hair grown, then it is important to understand that you cannot dye it. Even light toning can lead to a deplorable state: your hair will look like a washcloth, and you will not be able to help them in any way (after all, they have no natural nutrition).

Step 2

If you are the owner of natural hair extensions, you need to remember: in order to preserve them after dyeing, you must use "soft" ("low percentage") dyes. It is best to choose a dye that will differ only a few tones from your hair color. Thanks to this, you can achieve a very good result: your natural and hair extensions will look equally beautiful.

Step 3

Using a brush, apply the dye to the entire length of the hair extension. It is important to remember that you cannot apply paint to the capsule (the place where the hair extensions are attached). Under the influence of paint, the capsule may collapse.

Step 4

Dye on hair extensions should be kept for a shorter time than on natural hair. Therefore, watch the time and do not damage your hair.

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