How To Change Hair Structure

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How To Change Hair Structure
How To Change Hair Structure

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Probably there are few women in the world who would be 100% satisfied with their hair. Who doesn't want more hair, so that they look fuller and better. Among the set of little feminine tricks there are tricks like bouffants, hair straightening irons, a hair dryer, an incredible amount of brushes, varnishes, gels. But all this gives results only for one day. You can only make your hair thicker and more beautiful for a longer period by changing its structure. How to do this without damaging your hair?

How to change hair structure
How to change hair structure


Step 1

To reshape your hair, wash your hair with a shampoo that will add volume to your hair. You can also use a hair mask to achieve the best result, it will make your hair thicker and not weigh your hair down.

Step 2

A special coloring will help you visually change the structure of your hair. Make highlights of several strands, it is better to entrust this to professionals.

Step 3

Perming is also a good way to add volume to your hair. But do not forget that after such a procedure, the hair needs special care, since after this styling it experiences severe stress. Shampoos based on ginseng and green tea will help you.

Step 4

The scalp also needs nourishment. It is helpful to rub nettle or rosemary oil into the scalp. Also, masks made from burdock oil, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, will be an excellent tool.

Step 5

Use special protective creams and sprays that do not require rinsing. It is advisable to purchase them in professional cosmetics stores. You should also use them in hot weather, as the sun's rays injure your hair.

Step 6

A successful haircut will not only emphasize the dignity of your hair, but also change your image. If the hair falls out or looks lifeless and no masks are helping, then you will have to cut the hair shorter so that the roots are not so hard.

Step 7

Many salons offer a new service - hair lamination. The hair is covered with a special agent that forms a protective film. This will help you maintain the strength and volume of your hair for several months.

Step 8

Modern and professional cosmetics will help your hair to have an attractive appearance; there are many well-known folk methods: masks from egg yolk, bread, burdock oil. But remember - in order for the hair to easily fit into the hairstyle, be elastic, strong and look great, you need to take care of it daily.

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