How To Make Hair Grow

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How To Make Hair Grow
How To Make Hair Grow

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Not everyone can boast of beautiful and healthy hair. Due to exposure to harsh chemicals, blow-dry, frequent staining, they become dry and break at the ends. Unfortunately, healthy, intact hair doesn't grow back as quickly as you'd like. But by using special products and proper hair care, you can speed up its growth.

How to make hair grow
How to make hair grow

It is necessary

Burdock oil, peach oil, olive oil, pepper tincture, vitamin complex


Step 1

If you want to grow healthy hair, the first thing to do is to reduce the harshness that damages the hair structure. If your hair constantly breaks at the ends, you may simply not notice their growth. Use mild shampoos and moisturizing balms. Try to reduce the use of hair dryers and styling tongs.

Step 2

The traditional remedy for accelerating hair growth is an oil mask. You can prepare it yourself at home by mixing a few simple ingredients: burdock, coconut, peach, almond, olive oil. Warm the mixture slightly and apply to all hair, starting from the roots, wrap your head with a towel or put on a special hat. Apply these masks regularly, and you will see tangible results, your hair will grow faster and its quality will improve.

Step 3

Do not neglect other folk remedies. Coffee peeling for hair roots is a good growth stimulator. Known masks based on tincture of red pepper, mustard, black bread and kefir. All the necessary components are inexpensive, and the preparation of masks does not take much time.

Step 4

Scalp massage is a good remedy for hair growth. Its action is to increase the blood flow to the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles. You can regularly massage lightly while washing your hair.

Step 5

For good hair growth, vitamins are also needed in addition to care. Review your diet to include more dairy, seafood, fruits and vegetables. At the pharmacy, you can buy a vitamin complex specifically designed to strengthen hair and nails.

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