How To Shave Your Head

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How To Shave Your Head
How To Shave Your Head

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One of the most drastic ways to deal with baldness is to shave your head. The same method can be called the most convenient. Yes, you need enough courage to part with your hair. On the other hand, a completely bald head is more stylish and effective than a balding one. The main thing is that it looks neat, without scratches and blemishes. And this can only be achieved by a competent shave.

How to shave your head
How to shave your head

It is necessary

  • - sharp scissors;
  • - hair clipper;
  • - 3-4 shaving razors;
  • - foam or shaving gel;
  • - after shave skin care product;
  • - mirror - 2 pieces.


Step 1

If you have rather long hair, cut it as short as possible with scissors.

Step 2

Place the zero-cut attachment on the clipper and cut hair all over your head. If you are cutting your own hair, it is more convenient to use a battery-powered trimmer. This gives you more freedom of movement in front of the mirror.

Step 3

Dampen your head with warm water and apply a thick layer of lather. Since you will shave slowly, apply the lather in portions.

Step 4

Wait two minutes and start shaving with the razor. First of all, it is necessary to remove soft hair that grows on the temples, above the ears and on the tanks. Try to shave your hair in one direction.

Step 5

If you have sensitive skin on your face, then the scalp is the same. In this case, try to guide the razor blade along the hair growth. Of course, the result will be worse than if you shave your head against hair growth, but the skin will be much less irritated.

Step 6

If you have dense skin that is not prone to irritation, you can safely drive the blade against the direction of hair growth for the perfect result.

Step 7

Start shaving the back of your head. The hair on the back of your head is thicker, so hold the shaving cream a little longer to soften it. Follow the razor with your free hand to make sure there are no loose hairs left. After that, shave the crown in the same way.

Step 8

Take a close look at yourself using the two mirrors and make sure everything is shaved clean. Don't be lazy and take a good look at yourself.

Step 9

Rinse your head with hot and then cold water. This will close the pores and reduce irritation. Wipe dry.

Step 10

Apply aftershave cream for sensitive skin to your scalp.

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