How To Wash Your Hair With Mustard

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How To Wash Your Hair With Mustard
How To Wash Your Hair With Mustard

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Although store shelves are bursting with an abundance of hair care products, old folk remedies continue to be popular with both young people and older generations. Natural cleansers not only cleanse your hair, but also make it healthier. One such remedy is regular homemade mustard.

How to wash your hair with mustard
How to wash your hair with mustard

It is necessary

  • - mustard powder
  • - warm water


Step 1

Mustard is known for its detergent properties and its range of applications is so wide that it can be used to wash both the body and dishes. If you use mustard for shampooing, it will not only keep your hair clean, but also heal it. Mustard is used to treat hair loss, fragility and increased oiliness of the scalp.

Step 2

But before you run into the tub with a bag of mustard, find out if you are allergic to it. Never use boiling water or just very hot water to dilute mustard. Mustard, on contact with water, begins to release essential oils, the higher the temperature, the more caustic these oils become, so try to take water at a pleasant warm temperature.

Step 3

If the mustard is fresh, be sure to add something to it to soften its effects. For example, kefir, egg yolk or a little honey.

Step 4

Dissolve 2 tablespoons of mustard in 0.5 liters of warm water, distribute the mixture through the hair and leave to act for 10 minutes. This time can be used for other hygiene procedures. Rinse the mustard off your hair. It is better to do this not under running water, but in a basin, dipping your hair into the water and rinsing it out like linen. Under a regular shower, it is difficult to get a headache, like dandruff.

Step 5

After shampooing, apply balm to hair or rinse with vinegar solution.

Remember, mustard dissolves oil, so if you have dry hair ends, lubricate them with honey or vegetable oil before washing to avoid damage. Do not be intimidated by the slight burning sensation that occurs when washing, essential oils induce blood flow to the scalp, which has a beneficial effect on the supply of nutrients to the hair.

Step 6

If you want to wash your hair with mustard powder, but can't decide on this step, try mixing your usual shampoo with mustard first. If you like the wash and the effect, you can switch to mustard powder alone.

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