How To Remove Hair Extensions

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How To Remove Hair Extensions
How To Remove Hair Extensions

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Every girl wants to look beautiful and effective. One of these methods is hair extensions, but their wearing period is 3-5 months, then you need to remove it, give your hair a rest. This can be done in the salon, but it is not always possible to come to it. In this case, this procedure should be done yourself.

How to remove hair extensions
How to remove hair extensions

It is necessary

  • - Hair Mask;
  • - vegetable oils;
  • - gel for removing keratin capsules;
  • - hair straightening tongs.


Step 1

To remove hair extensions yourself, you can use a hair mask or vegetable oil, it will act as a solvent for keratin capsules. Apply a generous amount of oil or mask to the capsules that connect the hair extensions, hold on to the hair for as long as possible, and then brush the hair very gently with a natural bristle brush.

Step 2

In each specialty store, you can buy a special liquid that dissolves keratin capsules, or order it online. Apply oil to capsules, rub well. After waiting 20 minutes, use a mask for dry hair and wait another 20 minutes. After that, you can lie down for about 15 minutes in a hot bath, which will allow the capsules to soften better. Remove hair gently, and melt the capsules that do not give way with tongs, wiping off the keratin with capsule solvent.

Step 3

If you extended your hair with the cold method, then the removal procedure will not take you much time and effort. The capsules lose their adhesive strength within 4 months, so you will need a liquid to remove them. Apply it to the attachment point and comb your hair well.

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