How To Get Rid Of Hair Chemicals

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How To Get Rid Of Hair Chemicals
How To Get Rid Of Hair Chemicals

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After a permed hair, the result does not always coincide with the expectation. After all, curls do not suit everyone, and hair after chemistry requires special care, which not every woman can provide them. Methods that preserve not only the length of the hair, but also their beauty will help get rid of chemistry.

How to get rid of hair chemicals
How to get rid of hair chemicals


Step 1

It is not possible to get rid of chemistry in one moment and forever, unless of course you cut your hair. But you can either slightly smooth your hair, or completely straighten it for a certain time.

Step 2

To avoid damaging your already weakened hair, use professional hair smoothing products. They can be purchased at beauty salons or purchased online. Apply this product to your hair as you would a regular dye, and after the specified time, rinse thoroughly. It is advisable to use it in combination with smoothing shampoos and balms. The effect of such a mask is not too long, but the hair will straighten for a while.

Step 3

When it is not possible to buy a professional product, use an iron to straighten your hair. This iron can be purchased at any hardware store or hair care salon. Take a section of hair, clamp it between the ironing plates. Next, run them down the entire length of your hair. So, strand by strand, straighten all your hair. This method of straightening your hair is effective, although moisture may cause your hair to frizz again. Please note that after rain or shampooing, your hair will turn back into curls.

Step 4

If you are serious about getting rid of the hated curls, do keratin straightening. This straightening lasts up to 4 months. The essence of the procedure is that the hair is covered with a keratin composition, and then each strand is straightened with an iron. Under the influence of high temperature, the protein on the hair curls up and closes the scales, after which the hair does not curl and looks shiny and healthy. This service is expensive and is carried out at regular intervals.

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