How Not To Wash Your Hair: 8 Most Common Mistakes

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How Not To Wash Your Hair: 8 Most Common Mistakes
How Not To Wash Your Hair: 8 Most Common Mistakes
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There are no people who have never washed their hair with warm water, no matter with or without shampoo, gel, balm. However, many people who care for wet hair incorrectly make mistakes when choosing a care product, comb and towel. How can you not wash your hair, and why does hot and too cold water harm your hair? 8 major mistakes in washing and drying hair have been identified, and everyone should know about them.

Shampooing your hair
Shampooing your hair

If you do not make the mistakes listed below, your hair will become smooth, soft, healthy, stop frizzing, and stick out in different directions.

Mistake # 1 - washing tangled strands

Make sure to comb your hair before washing it with shampoo. Firstly, then they will not get tangled even more, and secondly, the hairs that have fallen out will remain on the comb, and not in the drain of the shower or bath. It is also not necessary to strongly wrinkle, rub and beat the strands when washing, otherwise a real mug will form on the head, which no massage brush can handle.

Mistake # 2 - washing your hair too often or too rarely

Some people firmly believe that the head should be washed only once a week on Saturdays, on "bath day", as it was customary for mothers and grandmothers. Others go to the shower in the morning before work, and in the evening after a hard day's work. It is correct to calculate the frequency of shampooing, based on the degree of contamination of the curls. Too frequent washing followed by drying, styling makes the hair dry, brittle, while rarely causes clogging of pores, quick salting, and dandruff formation.

Mistake number 3 - too hot water

Those who believe that hot water washes away dirt, dust, sebum better are deeply mistaken. On the contrary, a high temperature causes an increase in the work of the sebaceous glands, and, consequently, a faster soiling of the hair. The optimal water for shampooing is warm and skin-friendly.

Mistake # 4 - pouring shampoo directly onto your head

Pouring shampoo directly from the bottle onto the strands is not worth it - it is difficult to calculate the required portion, and the concentration of the product from the bottle is too thick. It is more correct to pour a little on a palm moistened with water, foam, and only then gently distribute over the hair.

Mistake # 5 - smearing the shampoo on the tips

Not everyone knows that shampoo should only be applied to the hair roots and scalp. It is here that the bulk of dirt and dust accumulates. Then rub the soapy foam along the entire length with your hands - it will thin, dry out the ends. The main hair part will be cleansed during rinsing, when the foam will drain under the pressure of water. So, as shown in the photo below, in no case should you do it.

Smearing the shampoo on the ends
Smearing the shampoo on the ends

Mistake # 6 - misusing the balm

The balm is able to make clean curls shiny, smooth, give them a healthy, well-groomed look. However, it should not be applied to the scalp and roots, unlike shampoo, but only along the entire length and ends. If you confuse the rule, the strands will become heavy, after drying they will lose their volume, "lie down" and press against the crown, crown.

Mistake # 7 - ignoring rinsing with cool water

Cool (but not cold and not icy) water is good for hair scales and hair follicles, it makes curls healthier and stronger. Therefore, rinsing your head after washing with cool water, or even better, changing the temperature to warm several times, including a contrast shower.

Mistake # 8 - rubbing strands with a towel

Most owners of long strands like to dry them with a towel, rubbing wet curls to dry faster. It is categorically impossible to do this, since the hairs are injured, break. The strands should not be rubbed with a towel, but blotted, collecting excess moisture.

Observing these simple rules, as well as drying your hair not with a hairdryer, but naturally, you can achieve a healthy-looking hairstyle, reduce hair loss and brittleness, and get rid of split ends.

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