How To Dye Your Hair In

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How To Dye Your Hair In
How To Dye Your Hair In

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Girls who prefer to dye their hair should pay attention to fashion trends. However, in this case, it is not blind imitation that is necessary, but the search for your individual image, because an incorrectly selected shade of hair can disfigure a girl, and not make her more attractive.

How to dye your hair
How to dye your hair


Step 1

Choose the shade of hair you want to achieve. Remember that natural tones are in vogue now, so do not stop your choice on such extravagant options as green, blue, bright red, etc. The chosen shade should definitely suit you. By the way, there is another fashionable trend: women do not change their hair color, but emphasize it using special products that give the curls a special shine and shine.

Step 2

If you decide to repaint in a color that is far from your natural color, then you can give preference to one of the most fashionable shades. In particular, ash, platinum blond, light brown, light wheat, rich chestnut, as well as delicate chocolate and black tones are very popular. Healthy shiny hair is in vogue, so it is recommended to give preference to soft, gentle dyes, as well as special care products. Burnt bleached hair is not popular at all.

Step 3

Try coloring. If earlier it was fashionable to dye whole strands, now it is much more popular option when only the ends of the hair are colored, making smooth transitions from one shade to another. Moreover, not individual curls are painted, but the lower parts of all strands. You can create a brighter and more original image by coloring the bangs. For this, as a rule, several contrasting shades are used.

Step 4

Choose the right shade when coloring. For blondes, fashionable colors will be light brown, pink, ash, burgundy and purple. Brunettes should pay attention to golden blond, chocolate and turquoise. Girls with red hair may prefer such trendy shades as black, red and light gold. If you want to make highlights, keep in mind that golden and ash tones are in fashion now, and the purpose of coloring is to create the effect of iridescent and shimmering light on the hair.

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