How To Use Styling Foam

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How To Use Styling Foam
How To Use Styling Foam

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Styling foam can be used to create a very effective hairstyle. To prevent the hair from sticking together and not getting tousled ahead of time, you need to use this cosmetic product correctly.

How to use styling foam
How to use styling foam

Hair foam and its properties

One of the most popular styling products is hair foam. With the help of it, you can form very effective curls, while the hairstyle will retain its impeccable appearance for a long time.

When purchasing hair foam in a store, you need to choose it correctly. There are special products for thin and weak hair. For feminine hairstyles, a low to medium hold foam is best. A product with a high degree of fixation often sticks together the hair, making it heavier.

Some women cannot tell the difference between styling foam and mousse. In fact, mousse is much denser than foam. This product is more suitable for styling short hair than for creating spectacular curls.

When buying foam, it is important to pay attention to the name of the manufacturer and the expiration date of the product. High-quality products not only fix the hairstyle, but also take care of the hair, protect it from the effects of high temperatures during blow-drying.

How to use styling foam correctly

In order for the hairstyle to look stylish and well-groomed, as well as maintain its appearance for a long time, it is necessary to use the foam correctly.

Before you start styling, you need to dry your hair a little. They should be slightly damp, but not wet. Next, you need to take a can of foam and shake it, then squeeze a small amount of the product into the palm of your hand.

For styling, you need very little cosmetic product. Owners of short hair need to squeeze out a walnut-sized ball of foam from a balloon. For medium-length hair, squeeze a tennis ball-sized foam ball into the palm of your hand. Owners of long hair can use a little more foam, depending on the effect that is needed in each case.

It is very important to follow the recommendations regarding the application of the optimal foam product to the hair. If there is too much foam, then the hairstyle will turn out to be sloppy and will not last long. If the styling product is not enough, the desired effect will not be achieved.

The foam should be applied along the entire length of the hair. To distribute the styling product more evenly, you can comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb. To create root volume, you can apply the foam only to the base of the hair.

After applying the product, you need to dry your head with a hairdryer. It is important to hold the hair dryer so that the air flow is directed in the direction of hair growth. This technique will help protect them from breakage.

You can also create a wet look with the foam. To do this, you need to distribute a small amount of a special styling product through your hair and dry your head with a hair dryer with a diffuser nozzle.

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