How To Remove Yellowness On Streaked Hair

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How To Remove Yellowness On Streaked Hair
How To Remove Yellowness On Streaked Hair

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Hair highlighting has earned recognition among women, first of all, as a way of the most gentle lightening of hair and a soft transition to blond. However, it also has its drawbacks.

How to remove yellowness on streaked hair
How to remove yellowness on streaked hair

Why do the strands turn yellow?

First, the rules for dyeing hair could be violated, as a result of which yellowness often appears. The quality of the chosen product, the time of staining and its order can lead to a distortion of the result.

Secondly, washing your hair with contaminated water could cause hair to turn yellow. Lightened strands are devoid of naturally occurring pigment and therefore have no natural protection. And if water flows from under your tap, which contains a substantial proportion of rust or iron salts, then you should not wash your hair with it. It is better to rinse discolored strands unprotected by nature with filtered water, which will not give them a yellowish tint.

And, thirdly, the returning yellowness of highlighted hair again and again is most inherent in dark, vulgar hair. They seem to be in constant striving to return the natural color, in which the corresponding pigment was present.

Anti-yellow hair products

A specialized anti-yellow shampoo designed to neutralize yellow pigment. These shampoos include tinting agents of a silver tone. They include a purple pigment that mutes the yellow tint of the hair. But do not forget about the accuracy of using such balms and tonics. They are less harmless than they seem, and are able to dye their hair ashen or even lilac, if you do not wash your hair in time.

In addition, there are shampoos on the market today that are designed specifically for gray hair. They are also effective in combating the yellowness of lightened strands, thanks to such plant components as chamomile, nettle and birch.

Despite the fact that highlighting hair is a fairly young way of dyeing hair, there are many alternative methods that cope with the yellowish tint of bleached strands. The best of these means is considered to be a honey mask. You just need to heat it in a water bath and, carefully wrapping each strand, apply it to your hair. After that, you need to wrap your head with a towel and put on a hat to keep warm and increase the effectiveness of honey. The mask can be washed off after three hours.

What to look for in a store?

Popular today in the fight against the yellowness of highlighted hair are such products as pearl Irida balm, Estelle shampoo of pearl-ash tint and L’oreal Preference balm in Viking color.

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