Do I Need To Wash My Hair Before Dyeing My Hair

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Do I Need To Wash My Hair Before Dyeing My Hair
Do I Need To Wash My Hair Before Dyeing My Hair

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Hair coloring always carries the risk of damaging it. To prevent this from happening, you need to know how the chemicals that make up the paint affect the hair, and what needs to be done in order not only to minimize the harmful effects, but also to get an even and beautiful hair color.

Do I need to wash my hair before dyeing my hair
Do I need to wash my hair before dyeing my hair

Women usually resort to dyeing in cases where it is necessary to urgently change the image, refresh the existing hair color, or simply paint over the gray hair that has emerged. Unfortunately, the procedure is far from always successful, since the chosen color may not look at all as planned. In order for a visit to the hairdresser or hair coloring at home to improve your appearance, you must adhere to several recommendations regarding the selection of hair dye and the procedure for dyeing it.

Top 5 common staining mistakes

Despite the presence of detailed instructions on the packaging of any hair dye, not everyone takes the time to read it carefully. Some simply do not want to scrupulously follow the recommendations outlined there.

Many people start dyeing their hair without performing a test test to see if the desired color matches the declared one. The result of staining does not always coincide with the photograph on the package. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended to first paint a small curl around the neck and evaluate the result.

Not everyone knows whether you need to wash your hair before dyeing your hair, and therefore apply the composition to dirty and matted strands. Meanwhile, the hair must be clean before dyeing. To do this, you need to rinse them with shampoo, but it is strictly forbidden to use the conditioner.

Sometimes women arbitrarily lengthen the dyeing time, suggesting that this will make the color more durable. The result of such inattention or self-activity can be an unnatural hair color or damage to its structure.

In an effort to radically change the image, some desperate women of fashion dye their hair in colors opposite to natural. In fact, the hair color must match the color type of the person. Therefore, you cannot dye your hair with a dye that is more than 2 tones lighter or darker than your natural shade.

How to dye your hair correctly?

First of all, it is worth considering whether to entrust this procedure to an experienced hairdresser. He will not only select a shade of paint that matches your appearance, but also dye your hair with the most gentle methods.

If you nevertheless decide to prefer home staining, carefully read the instructions that came with the tube of paint, and scrupulously follow all the recommendations outlined in it. Remember to wash your hair before dyeing and dry your hair thoroughly. If you have permed, you can dye your hair only 10 days after it. Moreover, during this period of time, the hair must be washed at least 2 times.

Color your hair correctly and remember that a frivolous attitude towards this procedure often results in wasted time and money, spoiled hair and a disgusting mood.

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