Increase The Volume Of Fine Hair

Increase The Volume Of Fine Hair
Increase The Volume Of Fine Hair

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Even thin hair can look thick and voluminous if you know the secrets of proper hair care.

Increase the volume of fine hair
Increase the volume of fine hair

1. Careful selection of care products

Read labels carefully and purchase products specifically formulated for fine hair. Thanks to them, the curls will look fresh and lush, and there will not be a feeling that the strands are too heavy. Pay attention to professional hair lines. For example, Nioxin Systems # 1 and # 3 are specially designed for fine hair and help strengthen hair without overloading it.


2. Daily hair washing

If, of course, you feel the need for it. Clean hair looks more voluminous and shines better. In addition, due to the porous structure, thin hair very easily absorbs any odors and gets dirty faster. Plus, clean hair is easier to style and add volume.

3. Gentle drying

You should not wring your hair with force and twist the towel on your head in a tight tourniquet - excessive friction can lead to excessive fragility. Gently blot excess moisture with a towel and let the strands dry before combing and blow-drying.

Suitable hair care products:


Thermo-active hair spray strengthens the internal structure of the hair, does not require rinsing.


Shamun "Intensive Recovery" for damaged hair.


The No.1 system of this professional brand is designed specifically for the care of fine hair - it thickens them at the roots, making them more voluminous.

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