How To Choose A Beautiful Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

How To Choose A Beautiful Hairstyle For Your Face Shape
How To Choose A Beautiful Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Video: How To Choose A Beautiful Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Video: How To Choose A Beautiful Hairstyle For Your Face Shape
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For a woman to look spectacular, everything must match: outfit, makeup, hairstyle. Before a haircut, you need to decide on its style and, adhering to the shape of the face, make a choice.

hairstyle by type of face
hairstyle by type of face

The main types of face:

• oval;

• rectangle;

• a circle;

• triangle;

• trapezoid;

• square.

Oval face

It can be combined with any hairstyle because it has classic proportions. The width of the forehead matches the width of the cheekbones, and the face has a height of 1.5 times its width. This type is recommended for hairstyles with curls gathered at the top, open forehead.

Any bangs that need to be chosen according to age and body type will look perfect. Choosing jewelry and accessories, there are no limitations.

Long face

Feature - the same width of the forehead and chin. Hairstyles that lengthen the face are unacceptable, so short haircuts or straight long hair are considered suitable. Women with an elongated shape do not need to open their ears and forehead, because facial flaws will be emphasized, which is completely undesirable.

When choosing clothes, you should avoid top with a V neckline, collars in the shape of a triangle. When choosing jewelry, do not dwell on long versions with pendants of the same shape.

For an elongated face: • long straight bangs up to the eyebrows for visual reduction; • curly hairstyle on the sides for rounding, where the ears need to be covered; • hairstyles with volumes; • short haircut, extended and curved to the bottom; • asymmetry.

When choosing clothes, it is worth stopping at the shapes of collars and cutouts such as a circle or semicircle. Jewelry should be combined large and voluminous.

Round face

If you have wide cheekbones and a high bridge of the nose, you need to try hairstyles without volume, because they will highlight the imperfections of the face, do not comb your hair back. The bangs should not cover the entire forehead. No small curls or horizontal lines.

When choosing clothes, you should focus on things that shorten the face. Neck scarves are suitable, not necessarily wearing collars such as a circle and "stand", lapels. Bulky and short jewelry is not recommended.

Suitable: • haircuts that visually lengthen the face; • hair length within 20 - 25 cm; • oblique bangs with straight hair; • high hairstyles; • bangs with "teeth"; • curly hair; • without parting or with side; • asymmetry.

Clothes with V cutouts and no collars, but with long cuffs, and jewelry may be in the form of polygons.

Triangular face

It includes a wide forehead, protruding cheekbones, a shifted chin. You cannot comb your hair from the sides, because it is undesirable to highlight the flaws of the cheekbones. No short bangs and hairstyles with a high crown. When choosing clothes, pay special attention to the cuts and shapes of collars and cuffs. Do not choose elongated jewelry.

Suitable: • when the widest part of the hair is at the level of the middle of the ear; • long bangs; • average length of the hairline.

A wide forehead and cheekbones need to be covered, so the nap at the top will definitely fit, and at the bottom, open the chin. Clothing preferably with round necklines and collars.

Trapezoidal face

It increases in size from top to bottom, this is typical for persons with large cheeks and small eyes. Do not cut your hair short and open the sides, as well as show your forehead and ears. From the clothes it should be remembered that you do not need to wear a top with a cut in the form of a quadrangle and scarves.

Suitable for: • face-shaped haircut upside down; • "cap" covering part of the head to the middle of the ears; • curling for thin hair; • shortened haircuts, squares. The main condition is splendor around the face, that is, voluminous hairstyles.

Square face

The presence of a wide lower jaw with a forehead is inherent in this type of person, the width of which may be the same. Thick bangs, symmetry, combing or straight hair are not recommended. Don't choose a top with square cutouts.

Incorrect (asymmetrical) hairstyle or bangs are ideal. Lush, voluminous or airy are the most beneficial.

In the case when you are curvy and tall, medium-length straight or wavy hair looks perfect. It is possible to add thinning to the bangs. Perms or chemistry is not recommended.

With a miniature figure, haircuts with medium hair length in layers or milled are suitable. Too short or long, pigtails, ponytails or braids will not work.

Girls with a sporty figure will do most of the options, so you can experiment.

The choice of hairstyle or haircut depends on a large number of factors, so you need to carefully determine the shape of your face, your preferences, type of figure, and then feel free to go to the hairdresser. Be sure to heed the advice of a specialist, and then get a haircut, because not always what we want to see on our head will suit our type of face.