How Often Can Highlighting Be Done

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How Often Can Highlighting Be Done
How Often Can Highlighting Be Done

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Highlighting is considered a fairly popular procedure. During its implementation, several strands are highlighted. They need to be regularly updated, because the roots are constantly growing.

How often can highlighting be done
How often can highlighting be done

Highlighting can be done independently, although a professional will cope better with this procedure. With the help of light strands, a woman's hairstyle looks light and elegant.

Hair must be renewed regularly due to regrowth of roots. But too often the highlighting procedure can lead to a significant deterioration in the general condition of the hair. It is better for a specialist to lighten the strands. It's not just about the correctness and literacy of all actions. The professional knows how often this procedure can be performed while maintaining the health of the hair.

Why is frequent highlighting harmful?

The best option is to highlight once a month, this will be enough to make the stain look great. You can do highlighting twice a month, but not more.

During dyeing, the color and the structure of the hair itself change. That is why it is worth providing him with careful care. This can be easily done on your own at home. There are a huge variety of ready-made products that can be purchased at regular cosmetics stores or you can prepare them yourself.

Frequent staining can adversely affect the overall appearance. That is why it is worth using specialized shampoos, various balms or masks. They contain many useful components that can provide the necessary nutrition to the hair and restore the damaged structure.

If highlighting has managed to cause severe damage to the curls, it is necessary to protect them from the sun and chlorinated water. Also, you can not comb recently washed hair, this can only be done by drying it.

You should definitely use fluid gels, with which you can smooth out the curls, giving a little shine if they have faded.

If you regularly use specialized tools, then you can do highlighting quite often. It is necessary to carefully study the instructions before purchasing such a tool. The drug should be designed specifically for highlighted strands.

How to regain the former strength?

During frequent highlighting, the ends of the strands can be significantly damaged. They need additional nutrition. Therefore, if you want to do partial staining often, you must use various products that contain silicone in their composition. With their help, a special protective film is formed around all the hairs. These formulations prevent harmful chemicals from entering.

If your hair has become dull, lifeless, you can make your own specialized regenerating mask.

Try a revitalizing mask

For this you need to take:

- orange;

- honey;

- kiwi.

Mix fruit pulp with honey and apply it to hair, rinsing off after a quarter of an hour. After using this regenerating mask or any other, it will be better for the hair to dry naturally. Health and beauty to your hair!

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