How To Grow Gorgeous Long Hair

How To Grow Gorgeous Long Hair
How To Grow Gorgeous Long Hair

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Hair grows by an average of 1 cm per month, can reach a maximum length of 70 cm, and live from 3 to 6 years. Although natural data may vary, there are ways to speed up hair growth and improve hair quality.

How to grow gorgeous long hair
How to grow gorgeous long hair

In addition to genetic conditions, hair loss and weakness are associated with other factors. The most common of these are: poor nutrition, inadequate care, poor absorption of trace elements, stress, hormonal changes, reactions to certain medications, skin and hair diseases, hair pulling with tight elastic bands, and even too rarely cutting the ends at a hairdresser.

Hair growth can be accelerated, even with not the best natural data. Burdock oil, B vitamins and mesotherapy help to achieve the dream of healthy and thick hair.

Pharmacy funds

Pharmacy hair growth vitamins are a way to make hair grow faster and are often criticized mainly because of their high price and possible allergic reactions. They actually supplement vitamins and minerals missing from the diet, so they can be a lifesaver for those who don't have the time or desire to eat healthy foods. There are pharmacy shampoos and ampoules that should be used to simultaneously affect the hair from the inside and outside.

Folk remedies

If you prefer folk remedies, it is useful to know that a drink made from ordinary yeast will promote hair growth, strengthen nails and at the same time improve skin condition. One and a half cube of yeast must be crushed and put in a mug, then pour a glass of boiling water, stir everything until dissolved and drink when it cools down.


One of the few effective "mechanical" methods of hair growth is scalp mesotherapy, which can be performed in beauty salons or by a dermatologist. The method consists in piercing the skin with microneedles located on rollers, which massage the head and then rub it into the serum. Mesotherapy significantly improves blood circulation and allows active substances to penetrate the bulbs faster.

Darsenvalization of the scalp

The Darsonval apparatus can be found both in the offices of cosmetologists and purchased for home use. It is inexpensive and will last a long time. The method is especially effective for baldness in certain areas with impaired vascular patency. Hair will begin not only to grow faster, but also due to the awakening of dormant hair follicles, will become thicker.

Hair Growth Diet

The amount of iron in the diet has a great influence on the condition of the hair. Men should consume 8 mg of iron per day and 18 mg for women. In women, the recommended amount is higher due to the loss of iron from the blood during menstruation. Iron is found in legumes, meat, dried fruits, and dairy products. Its bioavailability can be increased by eating foods rich in vitamin C. Hair growth is also affected by the intake of B vitamins (salmon, eggs, dairy products) and zinc (cereals, seeds, cocoa, yellow cheese).

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