Which Combs Are Suitable For Hair

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Which Combs Are Suitable For Hair
Which Combs Are Suitable For Hair

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A bad or old comb can cause dandruff and other scalp or hair problems. One of the important factors in preventing hair problems is choosing a comb. Which types are best for hair care?

Which combs are suitable for hair
Which combs are suitable for hair

Manufacturers offer many options made from: metal, wood, plastic, ebonite, bone, and even such exotic as tortoiseshell. Such a wide choice is explained by the multifunctionality of the device. In addition to its main function - combing hair, the care item is an indispensable tool for creating styling or complex hairstyles. It is also an excellent scalp massager to promote hair growth. And the item also removes dust from hair well.

Performing all of the above is not immediately possible with a single comb, so you can choose several options for yourself at once.

There are three points to focus on

  1. on structure
  2. for hair length
  3. on the material of the comb itself and the teeth.

Brushes are recommended for owners of thick hair. Thin strands will be combed with a wooden comb with rare teeth. It is also ideal for small naughty curls.

Plastic combs

They are widespread due to the variety of models and low cost. But this is not the best option. Their use can lead to electrification of the hair, weakening it.

Wooden combs

Eco-style lovers will love them. They are made from different types of wood: oak, cherry, birch, juniper, pine. Each has its own healing properties, which will certainly reflect in the best way on the condition of the hair. They are especially good when the tips are brittle and prone to sectioning.

When purchasing such a care item, you should pay attention that it is not chipped, otherwise you can injure the scalp. In addition, the comb must not be painted or varnished, as this is done solely for an aesthetic purpose. One of the main advantages of a natural wooden comb is its ability to remove the static charge accumulated in the hair.

Metallic combs

Undesirable to use, since they can scratch both the skin and the outer layer of hair, consisting of scales, tightly adjacent to each other. As a result, the ends and the entire strand may begin to split. The exception is massage brushes, which have plastic balls on the teeth that protect the scalp from microtrauma.


They combine the greatest number of useful functions. Brushes are round and flat. Serve for straightening and smoothing hair. Round brushes are indispensable for styling: they help to depict beautiful waves and curls.

When doing styling, it is important to choose a suitable brushing diameter: the smaller it is, the more pronounced the curl will be, brushing with a larger diameter will create volume.

Some brushes are made with metal teeth, but they must have protective balls at the ends. Safer and more comfortable plastic teeth or bristles. Of course, the most ideal option is natural bristles, since this is similar in structure to human hair.

It should be borne in mind that brushes are not recommended for an oily scalp, as they will cover the entire length of the strands with natural grease.

Comb with ionization

The latest fashion trend. Hair builds up electricity, which is especially pronounced in winter. Ionizers have been developed to solve this problem. It looks like an ordinary massage brush, which has a built-in special device that creates a flow of oxygen ions that successfully neutralize a positive static charge. In addition, these particles have the best effect on the scalp, as well as on the outer layer of the hair, smoothing out damaged scales.The ionic comb makes curls silky smooth.

The device operates on a standard AA battery and does not require special care: like any household item, it should be washed with soap, after having detached the brush from the device.

Useful Tips

Professionals do not recommend combing wet hair - in this state, it is more brittle and weakened.

Do not abuse combing. Scientists have found out an interesting fact: the more often you do this, the more hair falls out.

Short hairstyles should start combing from the roots, and long hairstyles from the ends.

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