How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Winter

How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Winter
How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Winter

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In the cold season, not only we, but also our body is tortured: dry skin of the face, brittle nails and general malaise are a sign that he urgently needs vitamins. And not only to the body, especially to the hair - they suffer most of all in cold weather, undergoing hot drying with a hairdryer and styling, the numerous use of hairspray and even elastic bands.

How to take care of your hair in winter
How to take care of your hair in winter

If your hair is worn out before winter arrives, do not despair - you should often apply useful masks. You just need to determine your hair type, otherwise you can aggravate their condition.

For oily hair at the roots, masks are suitable, which include salt and soda. Soda dries up, absorbs excess sebum, and salt disinfects. Also try to use natural herbal decoctions - chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula, celandine. Leaves and flowers are brewed according to the recommendations and the cooled tincture can be added to shampoos, balms and beauty masks. Remember to use nettle-infused shampoos and rinses.

Hair prone to splitting, brittle and dry - permanent nourishment and moisture will do. To get started, get a shampoo that contains olive oils, jojoba oils, and extracts from exotic fruit seeds. Also, in addition to shampoos, do not frequently dry with a hair dryer. If possible, let your hair dry at room temperature, and do not walk down the street with your head wet.

It is also important to update your haircut - even if you do not have a model or special hairstyle, you should visit the hairdresser at least once every two months - trim the length by at least one centimeter. So, the hair will get rid of the weighting split ends, will acquire a healthy look over time. If there is no time for home care procedures, then you can always use the services in a beauty salon - thermal masks, bio-keratin hair straightening - all this will be beneficial.

Perhaps natural oils and healthy balms will not return the beauty of your hair - so take care of your body. To begin with, you can get tested for hormones and the thyroid gland, consult with a therapist, maybe some kind of ailment prevents your hair from looking gorgeous.

Take a course of fortifying vitamins - where there is calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Remember about your diet - if your hair has a tendency to oily secretion on the scalp - fatty foods are contraindicated for you. Oils, fried meat, chips, croutons, fast food are all to be avoided. It is better to lean on vegetables, nuts, cereals. Try to do without salt - it retains moisture in the body. Swelling of the limbs, face and neck area - then it is worth reducing salt intake to a minimum. Also cut out sugar - and do not use substitutes - they are even more harmful, as cholesterol in the blood can rise.

If your hair looks lifeless and gray, without shine, you should include poultry meat in breakfast and lunch - it is rich in omega acids. Eat beets, radishes and carrots - and in two weeks your hair will thank you!

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