7 Tips For Curly Hair

7 Tips For Curly Hair
7 Tips For Curly Hair

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Naturally curly hair looks beautiful, but it causes a lot of problems associated with care. Curly curls do not lend themselves well to styling, they are difficult to pacify. Also, not every haircut or hairstyle suits curly hair. And if such curls are also thin, easily confused, then this can be a disaster in general. How should you properly care for this type of hair?

7 tips for curly hair
7 tips for curly hair

First, you need to give up the frequent use of a hair dryer. Irons and curling irons should also not be used daily. Such devices dry hair very much, and curly or very curly curls themselves are usually characterized by increased dryness.

Secondly, it is not recommended to wash curly hair too often, especially not to expose it to very hot water. By their nature, curly curls get dirty less and retain their volume longer. Excessive shampooing can weaken already fine hair. Hot water injures the curls, dries them out. This can make curly hair very unmanageable.

Third, you need to trim the tips as often as possible. The fact is that this type of hair is very prone to split ends. In addition, frequent haircuts will stimulate the growth of curls.

Fourthly, it is necessary to use shampoos and other care products that are aimed at moisturizing and nourishing. One of the rules for caring for curly hair says: do not use products that contain sulfates. Shampoos and conditioners with such a component are suitable only for straight hair. Funds that add extra volume should also be avoided. As a rule, curly curls already look fluffy and voluminous. In addition, these conditioners and shampoos often contain silicone, which can weigh down curly hair and make it brittle. It is recommended to give preference to caring cosmetics with keratin, with essential oils and with natural ingredients, for example, with a decoction of chamomile or sage.

Fifth, curly hair requires a proper selection of a comb. It is necessary to use models whose surface is as smooth as possible. Experts do not recommend using iron combs and combs with very thick bristles, as they can only further confuse curly curls.

Sixth, nourishing masks should be done for curly hair. Such curls require additional care in the form of sprays, emulsions, and so on. Very often, curly curls are easily electrified, therefore it is necessary to use antistatic agents for them.

Seventh, you should not very often paint curly curls with persistent chemical paints. Such an effect will weaken them even more, provoke the development of a situation when curly hair will be very tangled. If you want to change the color, then it is better to resort to natural coloring agents or use tint balms, varnishes, shampoos, crayons for hair.

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