How To Choose A Hair Shampoo: Tips And Tricks

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How To Choose A Hair Shampoo: Tips And Tricks
How To Choose A Hair Shampoo: Tips And Tricks

Hair health depends not only on the condition of the body and diet. The cleansing procedure is of great importance in maintaining the beauty of the curls. Choosing the right shampoo will not only prolong the freshness of your hair, but also significantly improve its appearance.

How to choose a hair shampoo tips and tricks
How to choose a hair shampoo tips and tricks

Despite the fact that shampoo is a universal hygiene product, it is very important to choose the right foaming product, taking into account the type and general condition of the hair.

Only in this case it is possible to exclude the risk of side reactions in the form of dandruff, increased dryness, or, conversely, oily scalp and curls.

The main criteria for choosing a shampoo by hair type

hair does not need special care. Here, all attention should be paid to maintaining their health and natural aesthetics, and the washing procedure should be made as gentle as possible, but at the same time effective.

The basic principle is do no harm.

How to choose hair shampoo
How to choose hair shampoo

A shampoo intended for normal hair should be, first of all, in its composition it is extremely undesirable to have an aggressive surfactant - sodium lauryl sulfate, which deprives the hair of natural lubrication and negatively affects the scalp.

Ideal if the product is fortified with:

  • ylang-ylang or grape seed oil;
  • extract of white tea, calendula or rosemary;
  • wheat proteins, vegetable allantoin.

And in order for the braid to grow to the waist, it is recommended to choose a shampoo with special ingredients, for example, with burdock oil, burdock extract, mummy, aloe or a complex of amino acids.

How to choose hair shampoo (1)
How to choose hair shampoo (1)

For oily hair, you will also need a personal shampoo that regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands to the minus side, and with oily seborrhea, it is also endowed with antibacterial and bactericidal properties.

The best choice is products containing:

  • birch tar, zinc;
  • horse chestnut extract, sage;
  • decoction of oak bark, nettle or hop;
  • essential oil of tea tree, laurel or lemon.

To care for oily hair, especially thick hair, it is not recommended to use nourishing shampoos: they make the hairstyle heavier, accelerate its pollution, deprive the hair of a healthy shine, making it dull and greasy.

An unequivocal ban is on shampoos with silicones.

How to choose hair shampoo tips and tricks (1)
How to choose hair shampoo tips and tricks (1)

For dry curls, additional moisture and replenishment will be required. Buy shampoos with keratin, glycerin, panthenol: such substances saturate the hair with moisture, at the same time preventing its evaporation.

When choosing a cleanser for dry hair, avoid those containing stearyl, cetyl and cetearyl alcohols.

Focus on shampoos with ingredients such as:

  • jojoba, coconut, poppy oil;
  • lecithin, hyaluronic acid.
  • glycine (aminoacetic acid);
  • almond extract, seaweed.

To avoid damage to the structure of brittle and dry hair, it is important to use shampoos with delicate surfactants with medium to low foaming, such as cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium lauroyl glutamate, disodium tridecylsulfosuccinate.

How to choose a shampoo depending on the condition of your hair

Shampoos with shea butter, chitosan, macadamia or avocado oil, royal jelly, pomegranate extract, and urea will help to tame the tough and naughty hair.

Such products simultaneously moisturize, soften and nourish the curls, give them smoothness and silkiness.

How to choose a hair shampoo tips and tricks (3)
How to choose a hair shampoo tips and tricks (3)

To wash colored hair, specialized products are needed, which not only allow you to maintain color as long as possible, but also feed the hair follicles with vitamins A and E.

In addition, such products are simply required to contain UV filters and, preferably, ceramides.

How to properly shampoo your hair

It seems difficult - he lathers the shampoo and rinses off. But, not everything is so simple.

In order for the hair washing procedure to have the desired effect, and the beneficial substances that are included in the shampoo, show themselves with sufficient efficiency, it is important to carry out the hygienic procedure correctly.

Firstly, it is undesirable that one dosage of shampoo squeezed into the palm exceeds the size of a 5-ruble coin. If the hair is thick or very long, then the presented amount can be increased: in this case, the product must be applied in portions, and not at once with a whole handful.

How to choose hair shampoo (8)
How to choose hair shampoo (8)

Secondly, shampoo should be distributed only over the scalp and hair roots - in the direction from the forehead and ears to the back of the head. We wash the rest of the hair length with foam, which will be formed during the soaping process. Movement - massaging; are performed with the pads of the fingers along the conditional lines up and down, and not in a circle.

How to choose hair shampoo (7)
How to choose hair shampoo (7)

, curls should be rinsed for at least a minute: this is the optimal time to wash off dirt and improve the sensitivity of the scalp and hair roots to the additional caring ingredients that are present in the shampoo.

Helpful hints:

  • wet hair, before using shampoo, preferably with water, the temperature of which is + 40 … + 50 degrees: this will dissolve excess sebum and reveal hair scales;
  • with the subsequent rinsing of the shampoo, the temperature of the water should be lowered slightly, making it warm;
  • but at the very end of the hygiene procedure, it is recommended to rinse your hair with cool water.
How to choose hair shampoo (9)
How to choose hair shampoo (9)

Following the above algorithm of actions when washing your hair with shampoo, having previously selected the appropriate version of the cosmetic product, you will notice significant improvements in the appearance and general condition of the curls, revealing their natural beauty potential!

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