How To Deal With Dry Hair

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How To Deal With Dry Hair
How To Deal With Dry Hair

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Dry hair is not very attractive. There are many reasons why the curls become like this: improper care, frequent use of shampoos, excessively chlorinated water, dyes, drying with a hairdryer, prolonged exposure to the sun, malnutrition, diseases associated with metabolic processes in the body. How to help hair in such a situation?

Fight dry hair
Fight dry hair

To try to cope with dry hair, if it is not associated with diseases of internal organs, it is enough to follow simple recommendations. When there is a suspicion that the reason lies in any pathology, it is necessary, first of all, to visit a doctor.

What to do with dry hair

When your hair is too dry, you should not wash your hair daily. Use a mild shampoo or remedy for damaged hair regularly.

Apply balms exclusively for your hair type and be sure to use them constantly.

The tips of the hair that are prone to dryness usually suffer the most. So go to a hairdresser at least once a month to revitalize your hair. If possible, you can trim the ends at home.

When styling your hair, try not to use electrical appliances: hairdryer, tongs, curling irons. To add volume, use soft curlers or braid your damp hair.

Remember to protect your hair from sun and wind. Wear hats any time of the year.

If you go to the pool, tuck all your hair under a swimming cap after lubricating it with oil. This is necessary so that chlorinated water does not injure the curls.

Unconventional ways to combat dry hair

There is a folk remedy that you can try to replace the moisturizing balm and which gives a visible result. Try mayonnaise instead of your dry hair cosmetics. Leave the mask on the head from this product, however, no more than 50 minutes. Then rinse your hair well with room temperature water.

You can prepare another hair mask from natural products. A very ripe banana and avocado are good for this. Mash them well or pass them through a meat grinder to make a gruel. Mix everything and cover your curls with the fruit mixture. Keep the mask on your hair for no more than 25 minutes. After that, do not forget to rinse your hair well with clean water.

Regular beer will help to style dry curls. It will give them shine and elasticity. It is enough to spray this intoxicating drink on the hair with a spray bottle and let it dry a little.

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