What To Do If Your Hair Gets Tangled

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What To Do If Your Hair Gets Tangled
What To Do If Your Hair Gets Tangled

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Wearing long hair beautifully is a real art. They will look spectacular only with proper care. Tangled strands often become annoying companions of long hair. An integrated approach will help to get rid of this problem.

If the hair is tangled, urgent action is needed
If the hair is tangled, urgent action is needed

Moisturizing from the outside and from the inside

Dry hair is one of the most common causes of tangles. Well-hydrated, well-hydrated hair tends to lie flat and not problematic, no matter the length. That is why, first of all, it is worth taking care of high-quality moisturizing - both inside and out.

  1. If you live in extremely dry air (extreme continental climate, heating season), it is extremely difficult to maintain the required level of skin and hair moisture. A humidifier will come to the rescue. You can put a large and powerful one in an apartment, a small desktop one - on a desktop. Make sure that the humidity level is between 40% -60%.
  2. Apply moisturizing hair masks regularly. Choose products that contain not only natural ingredients (shea butter, jojoba, avocado), but also chemical components that can retain moisture in the hair (cetearyl alcohol, glycerin). Already after 2-3 days of following these rules of care, your hair will not frizz and tangled so much.

Do not use moisturizing masks too often: once a week is enough. Otherwise, you risk overloading your hair.

Miraculous chemistry

In recent years, there is too much information in the media about the dangers of chemistry in hair care products. Indeed, homemade masks and organic cosmetics can heal both hair and scalp. However, the tendency to tangling hair can only be exacerbated by such grooming. If you want to deal with this problem, you should not be afraid, for example, of silicones, which are found in many professional care products. Study the composition of most salon brands and you will see that it is the silicone derivatives that are almost always in the first positions. This component envelops the hair, makes it heavier and smoother, so the problem of tangled curls is eliminated very quickly. Leave-in products with silicones are especially effective: oils, serums, creams.

To neutralize the harm of silicones, once a month wash your hair with a professional shampoo for deep cleansing: this tool is quite aggressive, but at the same time completely flushes out all excess.

Faithful helpers

Some useful tricks can help you comb your hair well and prevent tangling. First of all, a good hairbrush. Try modern innovative combs such as Tangle Teezer, Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush, Dessata Hairbrush Original, Michel Mercier Detangling Hairbrush. These are combs of an unusual shape with plastic teeth that untangle even serious knots, smooth hair, make it smooth and flowing.

Professional stylers with special attachments for detangling hair are no less effective. Choose a model with an ionization function, which contributes to the smoothness and hydration of your hair.

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