How To Quickly Refresh Your Face

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How To Quickly Refresh Your Face
How To Quickly Refresh Your Face

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A party that lasted until the morning, night shift, sleeplessness and, as a result, dull, pale, swollen skin of the face. How to fix the situation, in a short time, return the face to a blush and a healthy glow?

How to quickly refresh your face
How to quickly refresh your face


Step 1

Contrast washing and rubbing with ice will help to improve the skin of the face. You need to take care of it ahead of time: in the evening, freeze mineral water, into which it is good to add medicinal herbs (chamomile, sage, nettle, St. John's wort, calendula). Run the ice cube along the massage lines for one to two minutes. Do not wipe your face, let the moisture saturate the skin to its fullest.

Step 2

Try this express method too. Two towels should be soaked in hot water and placed on the face in such a way as to cover the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and chin. Wait 2 minutes, then dip the towels in cold water and cover your face again. After two minutes, remove and admire the rejuvenated skin.

Step 3

If you have ready-made lifting products at hand, use them for a recovery procedure. Or you can prepare effective masks yourself. So, for dry skin, cottage cheese is suitable, it will refresh the face, return its blush. Grind one tablespoon of cottage cheese with 2 tablespoons of sour cream and add a teaspoon of salt to the mixture. The mask is applied for half an hour, then washed off with warm water.

Step 4

Oily skin will heal, the next mask will make it pleasantly matte. Take a teaspoon of honey and vegetable oil, mix with chicken yolk, a tablespoon of milk and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply on face, wait 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

Step 5

The eyelids will lose unpleasant swelling and puffiness if you make a cucumber compress for them. To do this, grate a small cucumber on a medium grater, wrap the mushy mass in 2 paper towels and put it over your eyes. Wash off after ten minutes. The result will delight you.

Step 6

After the refreshing procedures have been carried out, it is the turn of the day cream. While applying it, stroke the skin, gently massage it. And then touch up your complexion with a light make-up: foundation powder and blush.

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